Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Blazing Liberation

Last thing they are worried about is fitting everything in there. Crafting a box out of bamboo boards.
Crystal shards tossed in the air like glow sticks.
Silly waste of product placement, trading secrets with pirates.
Folded origami unfolded and sold for free.
Recycled trash talk.
Tip toeing tongue words only hold so much balance.
Highflying masculine life forms.
Feminine eminent sequence of events.
Understandable situation for so many sacrificed afraid and forgotten. Fix a fallacy tickle a reality.
Squeeze the hands of laughter.
Attract positively to surround you.
Asking is like skiing in aspen. Something’s are known.
Others yet to be discovered or unveiled.
Retreating is no option only accidental.
Definitely silly limerick of reason.
Lyrics written so well that the music can be heard by just reading the page. Capturing the flag and holding it up in to the clouds.
Moist oils absorbing in to obvious oblivion.
Walking through Octagon formations leading toward a tangerine colored welcome mat. Harvesting action, articulated culture. Breaking through the ozone layer.
Landing on another planet.
Witnessing the secrets taking shape.
Windy whispers off of evolutions lips.
Traveling through, like a turbine.
Brilliant colors lay across the landscape.

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Wishful Sinful said...

hehehe... Recycled trash talk.