Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Five Angles TO Phoenix 5/21/08 3:28 AM

Dear Marmoset we see you have grown up.
Always ageing to perfection.
Correcting the wrongs by trading in the rights.
Confused unison will not tackle everlasting gain neither "real lies". Look some things have and are placed outside of our soul called grip. Social ordinary in extreme measurements.
Steps to improve to your self that you’re worth it all. You have been excited diligent you’re reading it right. Righteous to the eyes of a viewer year-by-year. Becoming newer,
Satisfied by always searching to appear.
Stand for claim aim relax enjoy free flying yang UN angry UN afraid ready to receive.
Receiving becoming being.
Sitting in the shadow for hours at a time.
Taking the rest of what was left.
Floating to the surfaces a surge of strength.
You must become true.
And all will reveal it’s self.
It is I except.
We struck gold in San Francisco.
Based on the simple bio diesel approach of saving the planet.
Plan on it begin to balance the beauty of both the broken and the fixed.
Sitting so calm no longer contemplating.
Sitcom mind state blocked transmuted transformed.
Free thought for sale, oh miss marmoset.
Oil rain drops cutting through the flashing lights.
Old navy oil of oh lay old spice oh where not did yet.
We’ve been living through your Internet.
Extra examples of refreshment, and alien footsteps.
Compound syllable sound combine.
Microphone mathematics making sense out of letters.
Classic creation raise the bar and begin to lift the torch.
Higher then ever before. Be brave break branches but grab the next. Don’t fall for the forgotten fallacy of a fallen apple.
No taste no respect for others excitement.
Out the box a chocolates what flavor do you taste?
Sinking your teeth in to the temptation of treasure.
Radical battle scars. Calls from the other side.
Discussions with no concrete concepts.
Illusions healthy and expanding.
Visually stimulated by the pathway toward the gates.
Dolphin colored sky. Swimming in circles under a rainbow made of gold. Alchemist always seem to have things under control. Or at least can transmute their non-stop running silent experimenting with their gift using it to lift your spirit.
Droplets of rain frozen in sugar with amber color highlights.
Crossing over the road headed to a distant far off adventure.
Very slowly riding over rolling hills. Inches away from leaping off the edge of humanities hands. Anger replaced by joyous youth.
A utopia of understanding, standing under the sun,
Wide-eyed and open as one in the desert looking eye to eye.
Shining remembrance of a sudden relentlessness that left all on lookers full of breath.
Skeptical judgment held in a strong grip far from harms way.
Safe guided by the stars. Soft shells light blue skies.
Primates cracking them open and taking a sip.
Industrial drug infested trails cleaned and lifted in to the heavens.
Adventure of diamonds.
An amulet covered muse wearing gorgeous jewelry.
Sitting silently in a dull dark box.
No longer waiting the shock has passed.
The infrastructure-ruptured reaction was rapture.
Undeniable libido lividly revitalizing your life.
So sweet how warmth can up lift.
Suited to fit the Taylor who made the suite.
Streaming ideas painting on clouds.
The taste of oceanic soaked almonds.
Natural nutrition for our souls.
Soaking overnight in to the nocturnal sunset.
Strange predicament for a marmoset to get in.
Traveling through cosmos smoking Marlboros.
Never left home, but did fall off center.
Regain release. Our light is impeccable.
Word over rifle.
Hand held lightning bolt.
Obvious obstacle tackled and overcome.
Trees out line the roadway, smiling in form.
A layout outlined by a shadow less sandy grey skeleton.
Earths eyelashes relaxing in the wind.
Roaring lion.
Change the belief that’s imbedded.
Extract the tragic curse of ridicule.
Curios souls sailing in space and time.
Fully scene in the moon light.
Pre-paired laying on your back.

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