Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I am You LAX to SFO after LIB 5/28/08 10:56 AM

The incredible feeling of wanting.
To have something you do not posses what is it we strive for.
I never knew that attraction was a law.
Described as a double-sided wall.
Domino style one after the other.
Fully engaged in the classification,
Coloring in-between the dotted lines,
In smaller increments then usual.
Soul food sold for wholesale.
Everything is taking place now. Accepting is an adventure.
Challenge handling the past future present fully fulfilled.
An American brilliance beautiful liberation.
That lifts us to the heavens.
Lowers us to the heavens.
And leaves us floating in between the spaces.
Next dimensional beings able to jump in to our bodies.
Those balanced souls children born of pure intention.
Direction may be dictated by an unfocused source.
So the common sense is to follow your center.
Sometimes leading us to a fork in the road.
Fortunate reflection flicking a quarter in the fountain of youth.
Transforming in to a new paradigm.
Perplexed lyrics left by a pen.
Limitless sentences type writer madness.
Anger transmuted fear muted.
Energy from another muse to stimulate the creation.
Universal nirvana.
Vanilla lips.
Left alone on a cement staircase sitting in wonder.
Waiting for the revolution to take place.
Not knowing that the process is under evaluation.
First to be filtered fixed and forgotten.
Then remembered realized and redone.
A constant communication barrier finally broken.
Technology allows for an easy change. Voice activated.
Emotional music made.
Every letter linking together with the collective cord.
Links that hold on to one another helping each other.
Handing each other a hand when ever it is needed.
Bumps in the rocky road.
Almost loosing control but finding the force to maintain.
Moving mountains with your tongue.
Making love to the moon.
Shining above the water is a reflection.
Perfectly painted portrait.
How effective it is to be patient.
So many days spent forming the sand to become a castle.
The water rises and pulls from underneath.
The solid structure solidifies.
The foundation honors the fallen footprints.
Not forgotten for the memory lives in you.
At any moment all excitement may increase.
No body left with a normal heartbeat.
Adrenaline reigns over the rise and fall.
Bending one way to become closer to the sun.
Leaning back and forth until the symbol snaps.
Struggle rugged exam on existence.
Fortified intention. Forgotten inhibition.
Interesting dilemma dogma drama.
Duality dueling with divinity.
Dancing on the edge of a single leaf.
Swimming in the texture of obscurity.
Curious but not obsessed.
Anxious but not desperate.
Strong enough to hold of temptation.
At the same strong enough to tempt it.
Building an inner force,
So powerful and potent.
That each suggestion can create change.
Every single thought beaming light.
Bright enough to clarify any confusion.
Truth opening
Love becoming.

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