Monday, May 5, 2008

In Sf Flying to CO today 5/5/08 11:53 AM

Everything is continuously moving forward steps back ward but nearing completion to the ultimate of what can be conceived. Conditional additions to the surrounding atmosphere, turning heads in order to see more. After further involvement with inner cultivation redefining the protocol of social networking. Knowing how to know that your positioning in life is perfect. Figuring out the definition of what perfect is. Intellectually running through a forest of imperfections impervious to lose of self worth. Gaining more core strength, while building a soul infused framework. Like sugar dissolving on the tip of your tongue from the warmth of your flesh. Have something fresh to place on the table including but not limited to all the fallen leafs that have withered away in to the waters edge. Swimming alone in the ocean afraid of the rip tide pulling you away. Alone yet fearful of being by your self, so confused you find your self sitting Indian style in American made soil, stamped with the certification of authentic shock value. What has happened to the lily pad that once sat on the calm waters of tomorrow. Is judging another natural, maybe it must be since we live inside of a comparison based commercial mirror. A Glass high heel house tip toeing along the skyline. Sunflower Shadows placed against a grain of sand covering its totality. Rolling hills tinted lavender purple under the rocky surface faces appearing painted on the walls of a fast passed paradise. Eye contact so extreme that blurry vision sets in. Chaotic hypnotic not your normal every day rock a bye baby way. Summer sunshine poolside seventh grade slip and slide. It happens the same symmetry remains both sides equal both the same. Five placed across the sandy surface cleaned up after the spillage the broken bleached coral reef. Selfish worry leads the masses away from the solution. Knowing the problem at hand can be key to relating to the problem that needs attention to be fixed. Tension among each individual un-known origin, starting zone impartial to creating a basic awareness of energy exchange and balance distribution. Of f centered entity walking unstable swinging so high between the high and low. Laughing in the mirror of perfection while peeking at his or her impurities hungry to take a bit out of what is easiest to eat. Advice taken for granted rancid waiting to long then becoming rotten. Often off ten out of ten times there is no answer to make out. Etched out by the fingernails of a hermit who has not left his house in a hundred years. Once attempting to leave and suddenly realizing there is no reason to ridicule the curiosity of being courageous. It must be blamed on something other then your self. If you are a being that is only borrowing this body, knowing for a fact that at some point your ideas and imaginations, thoughts, dreams and the inspirational creative force will be leaving. Why is it that your body will weaken your chances to pursue things that you wanted will be gone. Excitement for the birth of something beyond that which you know. But knowing that something will become or at least seize and expecting that fate, outcome reality is an extremely powerful ownership. So in the mean time what is or what should be the ultimate goal for humanity as a whole. If there was a pool of water that dried up by the sun, leaving everything that was once unexposed to the air above the water, the creatures of land the direct power of the sun and wind, incredible change would have to take place in order for any type of survival. Thank the heavens that there is a layer of conceptual skin that keeps the earth together and all that is inside of the earth one. If some how the ozone layer really was to break open then everything on the inside of this egg like planet would begin to leak out sadly pouring into the abyss the black ocean of eternity. Turbulence unleashed sudden urgency to redefine the focal point of your existence. Sisters and brothers of the human race we are internally connected to the core issue at hand. An inevitable nervous hand shaking the calm sweaty palm of the problem. At first it is talked about the put aside. As it sits in the back burner it begins to pass the point of change in to the place of completion. Lets say that the birds that migrate down south honestly begin to become confused with departure time, getting stuck in a cold current leading them the wrong way there for the natural earth born creatures become lost never to return again. Heat builds up, no escaping the surrounding swallowing feeling of falling. As your hands fall asleep there is nothing to hold you to catch you and in you go in to the never-ending black hole of what is defined as your imagination. Embrace

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