Joshua Tree Eagle Drive 5/16/08 3:33 PM

Green forest yellow fields. Brown rock basin. Scent stained, sorry forgiven for meat is grain. New surroundings atmospheric change. Strange dilemma a miss communication leads to an atlantian grave. Story’s told like soil soaked in the rain.
Sober order not obeying the norm. House on wheels roller-skating home. Prayer circle for poverty a fallen leaf as colorful as the imagination allows. Exponential energy shared. Every choice has an outcome uncommon yet equal to some. Survival surveillance vigilant unity conditioned imbalance. Up rooted from memory of mind-based centuries. Splashing rhythmic colors carefully altering the crossroads.
Walking legs on the waking dead belly of the beast. Stretched out along the invisible border, umbilical cords cut and removed stored and sorted out by size.
Incredibly interesting reason to exchange drama’s, trade tradition for travel expenses. Severe sewage blame age or the inability to adapt. Does Evolution involve a revolution?
Or is the revolution the outcome of evolution the inevitable answer.
Spreading heat waves touching the surface of Soon to be melted ice. Unpredictable unless we take command of the collective global thought pattern, who are we? Those UN diagnosed with what seems to be normality.
Once again the ocean came as close to touch your face against the frozen surface. Frostbitten luxury long winded mispronounced purposefully posed as an empty blank hand grasping then pulling away the lampshade.
Direct sun light, only certain plants can withstand the effect.
Lambs breath, is circular.
Love lives inside of flowers. Mystery sets its self-free leaving examples to be collected picked up reused, reinvented solidified in to a tincture. The witches use to drink this brew, said it gave them magic powers to fly on brooms!
Pour me a shot flames burning hot red lobster on the rocks.
A track record that was never forgotten. The fastest in the east.
Trained until the muscle sprained, and when a sudden advantage came it was returned in time before it strained.
With a touch like an angles light hand.
A treasure chest full of re-birthing. Safely waiting not full or vacant.
Shaping the stars while diagramming your law.
Gaining the conscious gift of gratitude giving your all in all you do. Wheels of change spin the pinwheel. Pen no-longer used, paper saved ink replaced technology engaged for the lust of creation.
A must inhalation month long awaiting dream sounds similar to that of a crashing wave.


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