May Snow "Steamboat to SF" 5/13/08 5:56AM

It snowed last night, unexpected visit from nature’s vast uniqueness.
Cover out stretched untouched fresh. Open cold but unfrozen a thawing ends only to begin again. Reconnection conveyed obvious benefiting beneath the surface layer.
Coral reef water ells, frantically escape. Lungs so pure replenished and cleansed daily. What around us will always alter, shift change a bit. Recognize recalculate. Now for the thirst, allow it to be quenched. Every last drop that drips from the pot is the same as the last one boiling hot. Allow time for your body to rest and adjust, and remember the steps, in hopes it won’t trip up or rust.
Polish brass bracelets laced with jade trinkets, hand selected at the finest world class mines. Like a rare pink pearl balancing on the edge of an infant’s finger tip. The wait seemed like eternity even though it was only a few hours, enough time passed to have a glimpse on the other side. Fallen angles floating above our heads awaiting the souls arrival. With open arms they welcome our return UN able to question we all breath in the relief and relax. Sections set up to impose on our creative personalities. Systems designed to deduct the improvisation of our children. How did this species allow for such waste to build up, procrastination imprisoned imagination, pollution fueled by the overwhelming splurge of destructive habits. Half hearted empty promises to recognize the sickness that lies within each biodegradable human. Huge turn of events eventually became noticed after along period of drought. How do we go about taking a roundabout nonchalant wait till latter attitude? Is it laziness that plagues the human race, or is it the desire to be bigger then we are. I find it humorous that even when it is a global problem we still wait till the last minute to come up with a solution. Strong remedies taken to help curve the appetite swirling lights spiraling down ward with a feeling like no other. Broken forest lost wildlife no longer wild. Rain poisonous I remember hearing once that if you can think of it, that it most likely has been done. Movies painting nightmares in heads of innocent light bodies. Souls captured locked in, never given the chance to expand their horizon. Humbled by what they are fed. False misleading judgments that have no right or merit.


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