Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Morning Two on Orcas Island 4/23/08 10:37 AM

Unexpected clouding covering appeared outside of the Sun window above the bed I slept in. Again there was a tapping on my door. This time I was fast enough to find out who was behind this. A bird sat there directly in front of the window looking at me as if nothing was wrong. I gave a little aggressive energy toward the bird, due to the fact that it was the second day in a row that I was awoken by the noise. The bird recognized my vibe and flew away in to the clouds, allowing me to sleep a little bit longer. I then noticed the large population of rabbits, making me now think of the line in a new song are you a rabbit or a turtle in the race. The conversation takes place on a beach, a old log that has been floating back and forth for forty five years, as it dangles above the water resting on its side, A bluish ship arrives. Shimmering in the light as if a red bronze beam was collapsing across the sky. A thunderous sound rippling in to the wooden surroundings. Green echo’s depth of a branch on another. Areas fenced away from intruders. Unusual solutions for such complicated limerick. Mechanical hands holding hearts made of clay, Landowners selling their investments to invest in something else. For sale a room on a roof deck, with windows that look out over the wild world of wonder. Priceless sample of serenity. Raining pre-historic tears into the garden that feeds the entire village. Each piece of fruit with its own similar qualities. Linked by raindrops of transformation formulating mutated responses into natural nitro molecules. Read in to the eyes see what you find, Can you spot the dot that left one blind. If not for now then at least for ever, It’s safe to say you’ve been given a chance its up to you if your ready to dance. Don’t jump with out looking unless there’s there’s no fall, Forget about the silly idea that once you did crawl. Did you remember walking before you could stand do you ever think what has created your plan? When your actions are asking if your ready to respond don’t dwell on the pain or things that are wrong. Instead reinstate the staple of how you chose to live. Swallow the water that protects and provides. Follow the hallway toward the world that’s inside, all waterfalls falling forward though I’ve heard of a few falling back, walking on the moon with out stepping on a crack. If it only sits there for a second if it only pokes fun at what is funny to them. Shake it up a lot more then you use too. There is a moth flying above the wood floor, circling as if not knowing where to go. Around in a moon shape racing through the slits in the time that have been created by bolts of satisfaction that have limited so many from reaching into the ultimate time line of forever. Orchards of cherry blossoms blooming in the atmosphere breathe taking its own avenue racing after the core. Center of the stage sample of amplifying extreme adventures lasting for eons in to the next dimension. Mansions made of the finest material. Tear away the layer that limits our potential from growing potent particles.
Creative reaper of benefits. Effortless unforgettable fortune. Saved away placed on a shelf next to a wishing well. With a fountain that was hand made.

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