The Orcas Island Trinity 4/24/08 10:12 AM

Day 3 departure, the show was a hit. Great Success had by all that attended. There was one sour apple that feel from the tree. But by the end it blended in with to be forgotten. Fine with me they said. Why put energy toward that it is as silly as trying to capture a wild rodent. And then if you do try to you can find your self being bitten by the rascal. So advice stay away from violence things that bring anger out of you. Instead place your self on the softest seat available be fast and determined in order to make the correct move. If you walk with eyes-only slightly open you will not have clear vision and only allow your self half the view. Don expects to have the bowl full for you all the time, of course be aware that you will have your share. Always remind your self take notes keep track of showing the Love and respect to every one that has had even the smallest spec of involvement and those that have not should still be included. The whole pie is available to snack on. Navigate through the average day with so much excitement that it reach beyond the fifty states.
Influence as contagious as it sounds. Underneath the nearest entryway, enter in to the musical trance. Train your self, prepare for the shifts to take place. Lavish lifestyle in the temple of your own identity. Include your family members don’t lack what was once your only way, instead begin to contemplate the qualities that make you able to notice the force. When headed in a direction toward a destination your awareness towards the signs begins to heighten Never forget the destination. So Jealous it becomes deliscious the want to bite becomes your intention. Cycle gone then back again, light then dark my friend. Moon too sun unearthing rooting deep beneath the mossy meadows. On the edge of damage unbroken holding its composure. What a style they have its like none other seen before fresh and interesting intriguing infusion. Excited for tonight we are playing in Seattle get to see some great friends that I have not seen in a while. Abundance dancing its way in to my life. How extremely fun is love. Loving everything and everyone. Begging to get back in to the rhythm where in I am comfortable creating casual thoughts become incredibly exciting adventures. The normal feelings are now elevated fantasizes extremely potent imaginations created by the patient act of recapitulation. Joining together as one. A union between what we take as real and what we may take as fake. Educate your self include you in the equation. Endless sentence a road seldom traveled alone. Affordable way of living. Point made clearly taken forsaken bypassed given another chance to change. Or at least begin to take a look at your footprints that you have left behind. Only the toes show you must have been running. Leaving a fast passed life style to actually spend some time with your friends and your self. So it takes a moment to zone in and once your there there is no reason to leave.

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