Friday, May 2, 2008

Steamboat CO to Portland OR 5/2/08 8:44 AM

It is almost my birthday. Excited to be gifted this life and to be here on this growing planet. Sometimes I may question the quest of existence. Tense emotional baggage that has been collecting dust in the lavatory for years before my spirit even made the ultimate decision of returning to this earthly unexplained universe. When the seed finally emerges from the earth’s surface cracking through the crust, creating a surge of untapped natural energy. Nervous tension leaves fear doubt brittle expectations that coward away in the corner are no longer hiding from appearing as honesty. Honey from the sweetest hive. Harmony over powers arguments. A genius side of thinking people want to pick your brain. Tell us more about your self, funny how sometimes your self doesn’t really have much to say. Let me rest let my heart break a beat up. Walk for long periods of time in to the wilderness. Nesting on an uneven telephone pole the modern day totem. Inside the next sits two beautifully created eagle eggs. Still warm from the feeling of creation.
Gestation a gentle situation between life and death. Intimate access expressed through intellectual language. Barriers and boarders set a blaze, it is simple to say an easy phrase even under intense circumstance and a cloudy haze, Keep the eyes looking beyond the mountain peak clear day horizon. She wears all the right features, speaks foreign tongue through her body language. She loves to sail, yet have not set foot on a sailboat with her. She may not notice the beauty of the moon, could not tell it was full. How does one remove ones self from a box, break the walls down, what happens when the walls are solid and can’t not be penetrated try and try again but still no budging. Judging comes from juggling love, asking for acceptance to be a teacher to guide you through the staircase of illusion. Walls puzzled pieces placed in an unnatural order. It takes so much time to figure out where they all go, some times people tend to give up, or stop for a while. Throw in there towel expecting that doing so will lead them toward a new goal, correct to some extent minus the missing dream of creating a reality that once was what the had expected to complete. Completion of a sequence of events that has been well thought out, A so called story line with a thinking plot distinguished by the genius we spoke of earlier. The Eagles are all grown up now, no longer helpless young featherless infant sitting waiting for mother to bring them an already chewed up worm. Resurfaced reevaluated decisions that create everlasting effects to future past and present. Now it is time to harness to actualize to look back at the time you have spent as a human. Know that all has come to pass, and there shall be many more paths to cross. What lies inside the meaning of the mind, scattered categories colorful rose of fruit filled flowering fields of marigolds daffodils, A Red and White throne less roses outlying the granite steeping stone placed between the casket and heavens thrown, a reddish brown purple tone. As the water begins to rise and the chaos sets in, prepare for the change and shift from the winds of Armageddon. Dark night Bright day, Arizona Alaska winter reunion. I got this I know it is making sense, dollars burning wasted walking face first in to the floor. Get up organize the patterns of purpose that place your highest and best in proper alignment. Designed by the divine hands of the creator’s crafty humorous amusing devices. Traveling across the country over and over again, finally holding on to names places ideas concepts. As a child if a star did not fit in a box it was not a big deal, As you age something wants you to do what has to be done to figure out how to fit that star in the box. What a silly concept I just put the star in the circle and smiled at the completion of the task at hand. What would it be like if everyday there where Rainbows in the sky like 3 or 4 at a time, with 3 moons. Would our children begin to think beyond what we are capable of? Take the strongest force known to man and multiply that by the heat from the deepest depths of the earth’s core. Now your getting close to the emotional power that is with in side the human creature creator of fantasy fascination building homes colleting toys raising children to become adults to work and as we may have as a child mature in to a older advanced soul. Socially some times. I feel so confused and out of place that I just want to migrate to outer space. Can’t just do that though. Or maybe you can, depends on your plan what’s the bigger picture the purpose of man, to contort your norm or too expand and let your spirit transform. Best advice take your time move slow like melting ice, no rush change with the weather and remember to recognize the moon. As soon as the sun comes up, I'm up running toward it aware of my surroundings dodging anything that seems problematic.

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