Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Time Change 5/14/08 8:46am

Content basic freedom. Whispering rushing water.
The slow power of a growing tree breaking through the rough surface. Crackling fire wood dancing flames on top of an amber bed. Bronze and silver coated carry on bags. First class flight silly little water containers awaiting their arrival. Disintegrating gradually fading away in to oblivion millions of meaningful men and women who at one time dreamed about dancing in the stars. Sophisticated opinion neutral decision just sit in the middle and wait there. Box style life. Dirty window rolled up so to be unseen. Care for a café snack a sweet bit of that addition to your day, deliquesce quick fix.
Listen to the life forms, that can’t speak your language of up bringing. Ridiculed dictatorship a taste off the sacred lips.
You knew all along that there would come a time when you dove in to the water and for some unknown reason you would not float. Absent out side of you starring in to space counting the constellations. How many pyramids can you make by connecting three lines. Important piece of scripture ripped out of the manual man handled then returned wrinkled and abused. Obscure mosaic of a serene landscape, twisted and covered in ashes, UN even pathways with holes large enough to swallow you whole.
No return to the past moment in time living in the present humble yet aware. Instantaneous gains give way, a new adventure takes shape. Sure you have been waiting patient unpredictable unbiased but determined on the border at times of desperation. Sweet dripping down your face caught in the crevasses of aging wrinkles. For some marks of worries while for others they are reflections of wisdom. A grand view of the Grand Canyon vast and open, powerful enough to bring water to a drought tears to the eyes of any with doubt. A vortex orbits above my head and only I can tell, but then again I know a few who said they’ve seen it too.
Butterfly colored lights circle around my face. A spectrum of triumph emotions will always overcome. Do not leave on your own accord unless your permission slip is signed. Don’t for get to take the time to read the fine line in-between the parenthesizes.
Summer salvation, Soul revival. Fixed on a subject the student who worked for what seemed like forever. Continued on tediously putting together a model of an antique boat. Years latter when the waters calmed and the sun dimmed the young lad began his adventure off the beaten path.
Rocky beach lined shore, humans leaping from sides of cliffs flying through the air graceful like a floating seal.
Arm stretched out reaching in hopes to make contact.
Fast automobiles flash forward in to the future.
Children unable to clearly make a wish no time to focus on the fortunate. Forget that, no choice but to let go burn the evidence.
Smoking exhausted overheated mold no longer able to continue on. Songs forge forward with a force so peaceful that it begins rhythmically aligning our nerve endings. At first glance the easy choice is secondary, a moment latter only the third will prevail. Shifty landmass hiding in the corner of a sand storm.
No glasses to protect the iris, no water to wet the lungs, dignity nifty little cardboard cut outs of your maturity. A wanting to behave as an adult and dual with dualities regularity. Rotten often times forgotten or placed in the back. Waste full behavior, having been guilt tripped in to a pattern that sticks. Tricks and colorful buttons, ads camouflaged expecting suggestions gut reaching war craft. Subliminal nimble minuscule conversations that increase in to a magnitude of meaning. Eager finger nails growing sharp. Bright clear eyes full of dangerous mountain terrain.
Fields of blueberries painted on the bedroom wall.
Hearts singing in unison unique individual direct descendents of fellow hand holders. Candles melted together turned in to adaptable light devices. Shadowy smoke clouds appearing larger then the moon. Footprints the size of houses off the grid.
Graduation time for school to begin. Lessons to learn again then recycle sizeable amounts, how much is in the lost and found box that is for free, a lost piece of somebody else’s property.
Operation melts down the surrounding square blocks.
Plant them underneath the tangling roots at least ten feet unless you include a pair of rare ideas and dreams that are true. Structure rupturing the shell shattering the hardest part of the egg. Every former emotion helped form the foundation of what is to come.
Stay in for the night, and learn magic. Sketch out a stick figure of your self. Study the meaning behind the program.
Loving to spread words around the world. I can clearly remember when I was activated to the word. Ignition turned on one word created holding space. A safe sanction impatiently waiting the pressure resting. Purposefully falling asleep leaving this life, in to another form unknown to this tangible dimension.
Time changed after a while of being the same.
A discount on delusion diagnosed confusion,
In stores for a small fee, of unreal envy.
Profit off of economic resolvement.
We are given examples as children,
To learn what to be involved in .
Break create fix we are rebuilding.

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