Waking Up In Orcas Island 4/22/08 9:26 AM

Early wake up, allowed for me to see the mystical clouds arise off of the pond out side. It was so beautiful I took a moment to ponder the magic. There was a peculiar sound that I noticed a tapping on the window reminiscent to the Edger Allen Poe story Raven. I am feeling great extremely excited to seize the day. Unfold the origami earth to see what lies within. We have a show tomorrow night. Heading full steam ahead toward the sun. I am going to take a break quick shower, blaze breath then meet you back on the page. I’m back feeling fresh and alive, head a little heavy from the accident the other day, I have been feeling this crazy sensation that my brother since the fall has been inside me more often. Feeling a connection to his loss to a gain of trust that we are all on this planet for a purpose genuine unique. Universal light. Oh how wonderful it is to have words that we can repeat with ease at our own leisure. Any time of the day any place anywhere. How can this mosaic of pastel colored vision become a pathway for the future? If for a moment in time everything washed up shore. Sure there is a sweet taste left in the mouth of many who have tasted that pleasure. An addiction of sorts Insurance on life importance. When I am gone in to the unknown digging my feet in to the sand. Serenading the surface of earths irresistible system, sequence of events. Symbols technology. As we advance in to the ether, we are either with in our selves or are continuously traveling in an out of body experience. Connecting with Self leads toward evolving development a increasing in life force. Stored away and ready to be activated at any time. Man has taken control of what the source produces. Now it is as if we are fighting to release what we have so called gained. Giving away your gifts is a honorable thing but throwing away your gifts is a wasted movement that should not be accepted. How many stars have you wished too? How many full moons have you noticed, and how many stars have you reached out to hold, only to find that there is a separation between you and that which your imagination will not allow you to grasp. We need to learn how to reach beyond that. Beyond our own minds. In to a state of thinking that opens limitless possibilities. Positioning our-selves to be in direct lineage of that which is awaiting our arrival. When we land we will notice the change. We will begin to feel the shift within in our Hearts. The heart beating keeping us alive, and in rhythm with the drumming beat of all that is. Imagine a boutique of sorts, full of your favorite flowers, a smell you can sense from miles away lingering in the wind. Unnoticed by those who walk with out aim. Fashion is a fusion of what is in style, I like to wear islands around my neck reflecting the blueness of an oceans base. Sun light penetrating in to the sea’s murky waters. Thank you for all that you have given me protected me from sending me spiraling back home. I have landed and now walk amongst the milky pearly white bed of reason. Death of ones life is that like death of the earth to your understanding, underneath the subway, below the Gulf of Mexico. Setting sail in to your wildest dreams. Peering out in to the vast imagination of what reality asks to be. To become a man of dignity to transmute the past and become more reliable in the present. Gift giving people often receive open armed. Ready to dance with the hungry those attracting like-minded power thoughts. Thoughts that help grow the young and nurture the old, wisdom seldom dominates the omnipresent nitrogen introspection selected elevated leverage. Every living breathing moment of time is accounted for placed in to rows of files. If we could reverse the ever-changing hang-ups, move the false blockage that has been imbedded in our DNA. What ever happened to the days of old, before there was lust for gold, when hearts beat as one in natural unison. As we slowly walk over the crushed glass that has colored our past as we evolve in to what time has waiting for us we begin to ask more questions. We laugh at out language at the communication that has taken so long to develop in to over all meaning. Feet soaking in the same water that our ancestors have bathed in. Those animals that have talked with each other in symbiotic alliances. Alien races that took time out of their existence to notice that we are evolving and developing advancing vary close to breaking in to the next dimension. Astral travel has been intriguing to young and old, those that know how to contemplate the idea, and those that just walk by the moon, again unnoticed. Why do we tangle our minds in a riddling rhyme? Shining white light surrounds me all that I am light, death is light life is light, a frozen feeling not of cold but of non-movement. I have advanced in to the next step. Taking it I shall say moving forward alive. Not much though to some many creative things can come from that. Others may think there is a loss to the whole a missing piece to the puzzle laving a blank feeling a blackness that only wants stars to entertain its surroundings. Red-hot iron rods placed on the legs of the living. They can ask me to not be a certain way to not push things on people to smile at the smoke signals they leave you. Be ready to run exercise in your mind if you can’t physically I guess maybe it is due to boredom when that makes it’s way in to your life. That is when you must begin to entertain your heart. Every element needs attention at least acknowledgement of the knowledge kept. Unlocked potential expressed with in you. Practice is not as easy as it looks you got to be quick witted digging holes so deep that you can reach in to the bottom to pick up a pearl. A coin that once was the opening to a wish a wish from a dreamer from some one who once knew that they may get what they have asked for and know that now is the time when they can have what they have asked for. Simple smiles effortless feel free attitude. Water surrounding us island living. Keep digging in your core there are statements that have created the way you think the way you look at others at your self, change if change is a definitive happening that what would be the reason behind that, and is it based on everything can change be had by two people at once or is it always different for people to share. Sharing experiences maybe can help others develop. Could be a catalyst a catapult to launch in to cosmic dream? To capture is to not release so why say that. Capturing is demanding something from something. Never make it seem that you have not already received that which it is you are inquiring to receive instead act as is. Walk with the attitude that tomorrow is today, and today is tomorrow that your past is your gift to the present for with out yesterday today would never exist we would only be living in the memory what how we use to walk. Aimless now we strive to go beyond where man has ever been a new frontier. Forward on in to the horizon of another day a landscape of miracles that have made their way to manifest through us. It is done done done.


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