Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bridge Building 6/12/08 3:47 PM

Treasure Island has this perfect view of the new bridge.
Stronger more balanced the real deal.
A task of piecing together a row of spades.
A paper airplane made of crochet.
No glue used or nails for that matter.
Lighter smaller even flatter.
Could sail across town always bringing a crowd.
A wide-eyed reason for a joy to be alive.
Shake as it will and as you must.
For when the wheels start spinning,
Comes a cloud of dust.
Ask and you shall receive if only we believe.
Or is it a only if you do view.
Two similarities both matching colors.
Injunction with each other.
From the start till the end. A game called hangman.
Taxes to let go. Tic tac toe operation. Cause and effect.
Saturated stardom. Impeccable beauty.
Watered down feet. Boots full of sand.
Alcoholic call and response. Impossible plan.
Positioned ahead of the starting point.
Fully on reality change. Vision the shift.
Selfishness is for the birds. Survival etiquette.
Worm head response. A rapid-fire way to waste away.
Dove off the plank swam toward the shore.
Asked for the answer forgot the question.
At once taught by the ancestors of a forgotten mission.
Bursting yellow lights form the core of the moon.
Montana tantrum an unspoken mantra.
Eye contact that tingled every sense in the body.
Effortless heart beat. A spell of sorts.
A symbiotic relationship.
All birds have feathers; there fore penguins have feathers.
It’s for sure a syllogism if you where to ask me.
They kept track by the ancient art of silly putty placement.
After school television meditation.
Enough time added up to equal full child brain development.
High rise mountain top life forms. Barren waste lands.
Transformed in to mystic mirrors of miracles born.
A luscious garden with springs gaping open.
Life times of preparation for the attempt.
The trust to cross over the current.
Careless and a lot can happen. One wrong reaction.
A tidal wave of emotion.
Awareness is the tool to use.
It is true you do get better.
Better then you use to be.
According to what standards.
The egotistical view of judgment.
What is unhealthy competition?
Hats off to the jester. The magicians hiding.
A head count revealed only a few left standing.
The rest passed out from the absinthe.
Or absence of that instantaneous similarity.
The relationship within.
The excitement of remembering kin.
Warriors of the entire light spectrum.
No violence. Instead silence.
Or violins reverberating violet light.
In charge of not being in charge.
Always interested in new interests.
And Ideas on how to cross over the barriers.
Any extra advice on the obstacles that lay ahead.
It’s not cheating taking help from another human.
Or is it, life is so exquisite.
Do all elements depend on each other?
The final drop of water is falling toward your lips.
You move to allow it to be left for the kids.
Soaking roots of tomorrows harvest.
An open hand full of bone and flesh.
Pictures scattered across the dartboard.
Birds used for the darts.
The aim a honeycomb of ideas.
Interesting artsy sing a long songs.
Miniscule peyote plants.
Infused with eighteen snake teeth.
Wearing snail shell and frog skin gloves.
Hands hold the coldest saber of ice.
Imagining that every memory.
Is at your command, and about you.
I guess there are some who dream of excitement.
A guest in to the tower.
Trick is if you show your ticket you get no entry.
It was all a scheme, creative game played.
Moat around the castle was as clean as could be.
So every afternoon two hours after three.
Right before the crow flew in from the nest.
You could find the entire colony.
Relaxing on the beach.
A dozen Blankets spread out across the sand.
Collective pile of your favorite memorabilia.
Thrilling death defying laws of gravity.
Dizzy from following the serpents trail.
Skin left over to absorb the sun.
Safety nets for salvations children.
Imprisoned imagination.
Free from the oppressor.
Breath chaser.
White lightning striking a already blazing fire
Sparkling reflection off the rivers edge.
Protected national forest entrance.
A conecter that allows passage.

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