Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cautious conscious 6/16/08 12:12 PM

Symmetrical timing. Organized chaos according too having it.
Making sense-equaling time well spent. Mathematically mapped out.
Structured meeting place for two occupants.
Many more moonbeams will come. Marching to the sun.
Arms stretched out as if falling in the water.
Letting go of old patterns that have pushed through.
Parting the seas of prosperity.
Naturally elevating any exhaustion. Even the slightest bit.
Not worried it won’t work out.
Waking up ready to activate the task at hand.
Jogging in and out of sleep imagining the present again and again.
Forever shifting adjusting to the temptation of time.
Weathering the wear and tear of the atmosphere.
The recorded sounds from centuries ago.
That still inspires the present day souls.
Comfortably loved held in the hand of tomorrow.
Shaking in joy and excitement.
Like a new puppy saying good by.
Not concerned with the bone, or treat.
Missing the energy exchange.
Feeling the absents of another being.
Like waking through the desert in the dark.
Knowing inside there is no wall to watch out for.
Nothing to trip over, or fall in to.
Only vast wide-open empty space.
Full of your steps an thoughts.
Read somewhere that the Prophecy has been revealed.
For sale at the pharmacy if not their try the drug store.
Shades of organic lemon aiding the thirst of Olympic bikers.
Since children stopped climbing tress due to insurance rates.
Santa Claus always seemed to be late that sneaky guy.
Full of ideas and promises keep them locked in.
Grand scale of traveling is placed on the emphasis.

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