Sunday, June 1, 2008

From an Arrows View 6/1/08 5:52 PM

Main aim to come in contact with that, which is.
So there for it has been done.
Now we replay the forecast.
Rays of sunlight reaching out for you to hold.
Not afraid of damaging your pride.
Ego’s got a lot of nerve. Nervous version of your self.
Mirrors speaking in often UN recognized tongue.
Buried underneath toxic waste there are those who
Wallow in a wormhole, full of worms literal.
Litter piled up miles high in far off lands.
American children not nurtured in the galactic reality.
Casually combing there hair with press on nails,
Teach about the power with in, with in a smile.
A single bird waiting in an open field for a friend.
Sandwich meat that makes a wild animal vomit from the smell.
Sad to think of a ribcage protruding.
Bone against flesh to fragile to touch.
The devils clutch a false sense of love laughed at.
Regain the desire to play, have fun and feel ok about it.
We lift rocks full of sugar to stay in shape.
Call each other from caves and dream to be apes.
It’s pointless like arguing with your shadow.
Following a string left for you to vibrate to.
Silhouette of the shadow of a serpent.
She squeezes her thighs together every one looks.
Knowing that each piece holds the key.
Magnetic chakra irresistible force to feel.
Uncontrolled outcome is a natural disaster.
Balanced protected harvest nature exists.
A feeling so vibrant that you can’t escape.
Climbing out of walls of sand.
Eye contact expectance. Awareness.
Love triumphs, yet there is no battle. 2??
Inner conflict radiating world spin.
Rolling hills of amber incense.
Hand made crafted on a pottery wheel.
The purple scent of spring flowers.
Rains from under water appear with volcanic tears.
New births start to direct the space craft back in to alignment.
Fearless brotherhood of righteous good.
Creative crazy chaos.
Harmonic sexual convergence.
Transcending what we may know as limits.
Sunday morning breakfast.
Food groups include ice firewater and wind.
Skeletons stuffed with the proper peppers.
Set out and full of rose quartz.
Indigenous tribes still survive.
They may have lessons that have yet to be revealed.
Forgotten for some time.
And for some reason we call them secrets.

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