Monday, June 30, 2008

Lucid handwriting 6/28/08 12:26 PM

Arm repeating a shoulder shake.
Twisted little circles, reoccurring occurrences.
Well-defined features.
Trails left in the sky. Constant inspiration.
Elevating awaiting taking stride.
Contact remembrance.
Power of connecting dance.
Training the mind. Traveling light waves.
Sound makes imprint in infinity.
Translucent elusive luxury.
Hug will be fine forward writing.
Important hybrid balance.
Egg and corn diet. Missing in action.
Evidence of various visions uniting.
The willingness to except. Accept this.
Confluence of events introspection.
Four words taped on your door way.
For every second that counts.
Overflowing Local River, shaky ground.
Surrounded by fifty four wheels.
Night shade thickens. Air a pleasant pink tint.
Observant infant mammalien.
Waving a flagstaff above the overcast.
Four more eighteen wheelers.
Finally passing past the rocky canyon.
Hands on the steering wheel when ever driving.
Surviving uprising sun shining.
Detailed list for the five o’clock grocery walk.
Sun just waking up hot tea just burned the cup.
Interesting to hold the strings.
And to let go ahead forward in motion.
Imposing on time. A network of rhymes.
Spider legs write out the narration..
A night in Vegas a natural ritual.
Release let go, except then grow.
Hard core from the soul. Shine like never before.
Forget the barriers,
Two birds can carry a nest across,
The Mexican sand.
Blue shells with a bit of a lemon line lacquer.
The lust for life is so appealing tonight.
Go ahead and Pass it around.
Don’t be confused or fooled by forgetting the rules.
Stay true to the present past is true.
Translucent like alabaster.
The scrutiny of investigating what created me.
Warrior writing accent made from rhythm.
High on life and all that it provides.
Like the feel of a feather falling from the sky.
Still creating using small circles.
The flower of life purple pedals.
Green fields and red yellow meadows.
Domino designs.
Well-described articulated judgments.
A grudge with an ostrich.
Over weather or not orange rhymed.
A wide range of wired fruit.
Some riper then others, almost ready to burst.
Feet first off a diving board until the floor is explored.
Hand standing on a ledge at the grand canyon.
Dared to do so for a ham sandwich.
Pigs in a blanket to cute to eat.
But at times maybe eaten. Thank you

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