Sunday, June 15, 2008

Surreal Yosemite 6/13/08 1:29 PM

It was her seventeenth birthday,
She had a sudden urge to drive from Massachusetts to Yosemite.
Over twenty years latter she’s still climbing the rocks.
Meditating with the waterfalls.
Gazing deep in to the vast open magic carpet.
Fresh produce recalled for the looks.
So we can bring it up every time.
Or we can collectively create a change.
What are you talking about?
He asked with preparation in his voice.
Preparation for argument.
Disbelief in healing powers.
Explanation lead to silence.
Proof seems to be the most powerful.
Seems being the underlining word.
Powerful being a whole other enchilada.
Charming tree stumps.
Moss softer then the softest fabric.
Two abstract tattoo’s intense signature.
Relaxed in nature’s natural baths.
Snow still visible still falling.
Tree bark burning from the after math of beetles.
My nerves won’t brake down. Will is too strong.
Nervous breakdown bi-polar trauma in the ocean.
Tropical vacation is a week in liberation.
Bare-naked standing facing everlasting space.
Earthly energy rushing through your knees.
Leverage but don’t get caught up weaving it all together.
Steadfast adventures role model.
Not a mannequin a universal handprint.
All ten digits. Archangel visits.
The math of a genius the decision to be.
A choice of direction pushed on ahead.
Taking the steps needed.
Ashes left over for a fertilizer base.
Fair trade equal exchange.
In love with the beauty.
Jagged rock’s look like computer chips,
Crystals storing sacred stories.
Life’s purpose to re-learn to write them.
New waves of enlightenment.
Rocks out line the painters painting.
Space in-between the paint.
Geometrical shapes stretched out a pulling feeling,
Stretching in to growth our body thanks us.
At first there is a moment of confusion.
The body and mind argue for a bit.
Don’t let exercise lead to an unpleasant experience.
We must repeat the steps in order to find prominence.
Astonishment nourishing linguistics.
Lavender flowers from Poland.
Hand made soap from the center of Ireland.
No gimmicks mixed cedar chips from the last poem.
A long hall way made of gold.
Pre human tablets embedded in the wall.
Etched by the finger nails of palladian men.
A portal too el portal.

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