Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Waiting water the boat 6/2/08 1:33 PM

Walking along the rocky shore watching time pass by.
Floating off in the distance,
Flames from a dragon flies lips.
Curling inside the bubbling hot lava pit.
Sand to hot to touch cooled off by a breeze.
Consistency to deliver. Inspired by the moment.
A present unwrapped.
Inside another gift symmetric to match.
Geometrical patch including will last.
Endless time ever evolving music. Created newness
A blue print of words between lines.
A personal path.
Perchance that a person will ask.
Have you done the math.
Laughs fill the cupboard,
Replaced with grain. Fresh information.
Indigenous giants.
Ants the size of bumper cars. Have you seen them.
There friendly like dogs.
A heard of a snake in the rain forest that eats tires.
A monkey that can speak every human language.
Single entity telepathy.
Fearless in a pool of sharks.
On one knee. Speaking to the raw earth.
The voice of life is in her
Surrendering moment fleeting fast.
Sail across sandy terrain.
No more tired nights,
Camel rides across the desert.
Pyramid shaped eyes, wings wide.
Every morning moving mountains.
Reaching new heights.
Soaring through silver solar flares.
Fantasies little remember me’s.
The voice of silence.
Speaking with meaning.
Digesting introducing
Introspection no alternate.
Fate found reason walking,
Dancing living.
Truth radiate blaze a trail through the paper.
Instead I use a mac book computer.
Medicine ball triathlon.
Hands fingers are castles.
Calculated and casual.
Wall remover really well instated.
Installed brain waves.
Fresh fruit brothers trading trust.
Windows open receiving breath in the box.
A loud horn from a passing train far off in the field.
A meadow away are trees made with golden leafs.
A table set for the morning meal.
Unreal yet really happening.
Allowing the shift to exist.
Beyond your wildest dreams.
Totally give in to the gracious embracing.
In total creation.
No racing and pacing but tasting and facing.
Packing and reading learning and earning.
After the rain fell everything grew.
No moldy mildew, rotten or bad.
I guess just a little bit when ever you’re mad.
To remind us, of what always is there.
Public eye alone in my room.
Outside asleep I watch as it wakes.
Sun barley shining yet, only a glimpse on the moon.
The scattered clouds of tomorrow.
As if today is to soon.
Foot in a mud puddle. No need to stress.
That little tangible boot you can clean in a sec.
Detergent or not, hot water is fine.
Normal body temperature.
Regular eating of food,
Liquids come after washing down the nutrients.
Plan on meeting a new tree today,
Introduce my self and everything maybe even ask for advice.
Not about a earthly worry but a bigger sacrifice.
Training the mind to mimic like a parakeet.
How many birds fit on the branch till it broke.
Never happened.
Trees and birds interacting. Bees bumbling around.
Un aggressive attitude soil saturated from the snow.
Evergreen gorgeous mountain landscape.
Absorb I pray. To take love with me through the hottest flames.
Darts an arrows splashing in to my boat.
Waves like giants sleeping deep in space.
Pure beauty unites after never being away.
Apart from your heart is like leading the stray.
Yellow flower pedals placed out on a plate.
Next to the microwave grave full of syrup and steak.
Organic beans interlaced with a plasma TV.
Four sided pavement surrounding our lovely garden bed.
Bedroom door opens to a fox trail.
A path in to the open palms of choice.
Taking divine direction.
Advancing the challenge ahead of time.
Assertive straightforward action.
Love is peace interacting.

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