Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Air balloon Silence 7/1/08 9:50 PM

That space between a place you’ve seen.
A landscape draped with curtains from beams.
Made from human hands.
Articulated language used.
Spoken level the tone of an orchard of trees.
Un hitched from the knick-knack.
Chit chats of this and that.
Pain released by the sound of a beat.
Blood in the feet rushing from the head.
Eyes crossed at a fork in the road.
Lights flashing glamorous hula hops.
Moon circles around your eyes.
Shadows left as evidence.
The ease to relax we ask why we relapse.
In actions that can only re map a path.
Similar in style shape and coincidence.
A distant scent left lingering in the air.
Forever now imbedded in the instruments.
Passionate honest artistic traditions.
Escaping the sarcasm.
A real deal Universal organism.
Of course the voice is echoed with reason.
She is seasoned in the art of crafting a meal.
Feeding the fantastic the satisfaction of her yield.
Continuous rhymes hymns of simple gems.
Daily greens digesting in the gut.
Gestating articulated poetry.
Soul brother sunshine smile face.
Standing under a bridge, understanding things.
Fishing for fish to put back in the lake.
Already full from breakfast.
In the last poem we ate. Sweets on the roof of your mouth.
Awaiting flavor release. Watering the garden.
Sweet and sour flowers, brain tissues message.
Awareness centered sight seeing.
Why have fear of peace. Forgotten truth that attempts to speak.
Memory games with marbles and eggs.
Balance beam high fives from New York to San Francisco.
Across the sea disco. Dancing starfish, eating shrimp.
Eloquent words, wild sharks in the aquarium.
Songs along a bird’s flight.
Path of working toward a natural course of galactic force.
Word imposed unjustly sword arm heavy.
Sworn on sight insight impact intellectual critic.
Structured rapture articulated map for treasure hunting.
Adventure seeking thrilling floating feeling.
Sunglasses ricochet energy fire works exploding early.
Pre season suntan. Fear tactic scare plan.
Fireplace ceiling fan. Protection from sleepy dehydration.
Loving creation.

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