Friday, July 25, 2008

Eulogy of Arugula Idaho 7/20/08 10:55 AM

Balance established after hours of exercise.
Serious side ways thought, say no to procrastination.
After generations of ingested fear based ideology.
Washed away reenergized cleansed fresh and new.
In no particular order reorganized sort of.
Or at least how it is spouse to be .
Wild roaming buffalo solider.
Steady on a path that seems to grow faster.
Slow in fact it has hardly moved.
Every new growth a slight different then the last
A passenger in the garden a newly invited sprout.
High sight on the power line megaphone noise.
Gene alteration after centuries of mutation.
Miracles reduced to peanut size champagne glasses.
Fit for the pointer and thumb.
As if holding a seed above rapid white waters.
Sun spots hypnotic natural nod.
Like a laugh, midnight whisper.
Renaissance rebirth resurgence, new science.
Star fish half and half broken habits.
Abstract traffic jam inclined to be a burden.
Young tornados exposing themselves on sunny days.
Clouds of absent rain.
A missing dialogue of misusage.
What is this terminal illness .
Many mental patience lie wide awake to themselves.
Influenced to tell with the emphasis not on the penmanship.
Spell’s cast across the castle.
What once was uninhabitable habitat.
Is now a cabbage patch and an additional dollar tax.
Easy now road on word windy twist and turns.
A natural mystic with abnormal instincts.
Tinctures regarded as eternal treasure.
Smiling love that lives on forever.
The mission is never missing the opportunity of living.
A new found Jewel from a lost city in a Jerusalem slum.
Brain waves light brownish rolling meadows.
The essence of an exterritorial presences enters.
Scene one running racing shouting chanting.
A spit open tomato left alone on the table.
A steak knife in the chickens leg.
Upset with the response.
Busy intersection three red lights and a car alarm.
Some serious routine planning.
Of planting an ample amount of seeds.
Scatter them across the sea,
Not in the water but along the beach.
Sore throat soothed by hot lemon tea.
Raw Arugula almonds and a handful of beets.
Each edible till the last of the nibbles are cleaned off the plate.
Platinum and gold laced with sapphire stone.
She is the embodiment of her own fashion statement.
Eyes circled and finger nails painted.
The exact quality displayed.
The byword or by product of breaking through the surface.
What is the scientific reasoning behind pay time.

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