Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mountain Shade 7/26/08 5:34 PM

Surrounded by a Pristine environment .
Untouched by the hands of man,
Air sweet like the bite of a fresh peach.
Clouds hovering above wild horses.
The curvature in the landscape,
Spells out stories, dictating directions.
Lessons some sense the sun.
Before it ever shows its rays.
Fear Monism,
Money yen omnipresence.
Everything is movable,
Because everything is floating.
Unswerving contradictions.
Minimal variations.
Influencing the gene pool.
One coin fluttering by.
Opal shadows casting across the range.
Sacred cows frozen in the field.
Life breathing statues.
Opaque flesh, impenetrable.
Smokey quartz water front.
Lightly gaining insight.
Eyes dreaming of the vision.
As we age on in to space a similar smile in a familiar place.
She will always acknowledge the love for life.
The truth in guidance the hand that writes.
Scribble jot draw doodle,
Sentences that spark sensory perception.
Geometric cliff-sides, greenish brown.
On a napkin in a café in December.
Passing the gate of the Mountains,
Two lane highway for twenty two hours.
Talk of turmoil or a touch of trouble.
When the sun is hot run toward the shade.
Imagination so real, with in a hour create a day.
Microscopic fabric weaved by a miniscule pin.
Open wound with a little redness.
Tender to the touch slowly healing.
The confluence of a positive attitude.
Reprogramming unimportant information.
Trouble shooting the situation with a solution.
Sandy grey hills with shallow fog above there crest.
The shady grove is now a bed of coal,
Only to re-grow with a luscious life force.
Times have changed for sure.
Rest assured, there is even more underway.
Every second added up to become a day.
Or an hour as in the past.
Before the fabric was woven, and the pin detached.

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