Saturday, July 26, 2008

Nervous rejoice 7/24/08 8:43 PM

Educated decision making. Going that extra step.
Always in all ways replaying the pre game routine.
Following the router toward the fountain.
A tournament of enormous nerves.
Nearly every vice is a test of energy exchange.
Implementing a impetuous attitude.
Just jumping in to the sea of inequity.
Or exchanging that concept.
Trading it for sustainability.
Something more along the lines of sky diving.
Mini disc golfing in heaven.
Finally finding the time that was hiding.
She quoted poems hand written by angels.
Spoke in tongue to former strangers.
Disappeared from the memory of some.
Not to be confused with being forgotten.
Not to be taken personal.
Ineligible hard to decipher yet easy to feel.
Emotional pockets.
As if Love was an important part of logic.
Discombobulated bothersome problem free.
A normal run around the mill meal.
Full course including map and key.
The conclusion is an illusion.
A healthy effortless continuous training.
Important to keep the flower bed spread out.
Wide enough to enjoy the bounty.
Abundant allowance allowed.
Every one all things trade spaces.
Not worried about the Finishing place in the race.
Appropriate approach toward the approximate spot.
The fourth dimension like steam on a mirror.
A minor change but a gigantic shift.
A catapult toward the summit of all that is.
Young eagle nest, a confluence blessing of good luck.
Adventures of amazing proportions
In an accordance with the natural flow.
Night vision flour cent black and white indigo.
Audio visual a living room full of sleeping giants.
Dialogue with the dead about death.
So what’s the final consensus on divine intervention.
Over anxious already at the point of accomplishment.
Before advancing in to dream life.
The day to day that fulfills every piece.
All the dreams becoming united in to the atmosphere.
Falling trees echoing honest answers.
So many asking the same question.
Following suggestion gestating until awaken.
Cake is in a tin container.
3 good luck candles.
Smoke created from the wishes
Rattle snake characteristics.
Colorful dinosaur structures.

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