Sunday, July 20, 2008

Paper Airplanes Un-limited 7/17/08 10:07AM

What is this you call talk, word described.
The world waiting I’m wondering will tree’s survive.
A real trooper keeps track of the loops.
Little or large every piece is a star… seed.
Perfectly planted cultivated crop.
Algorithms full of convictions .
Firm statements embraced enhancement.
Reconstruction infiltrated traded for tradition.
So interesting how talented we all are.
Shining light from a never dieing star.
Approximately close enough to be a direct hit.
Confused a bit untouched pastures of innocence.
A scenic view of beetle kill, oceans of healing.
Intonations in a age of Aquarius.
Implementing plenty of interesting ideas.
Ten cent ice tea to aide your thirsty pockets.
Taught to tackle the contender.
Tense yet tender infant to elder.
Cross country ring around the collar.
Scholar of out of school lessons.
Ingesting a generation of instrumentation.
Surrounded by mile high mountain air.
A mountaineer who sprouted a filed of flavor.
Tasty linguistic questions and suggestions.
Perched on an opera house balcony.
Singing to the full moon on a Chicago summer night.
Coal mining through ashes and dust.
What was once alive among us.
Has now become snake skin, peeled layers of human skeleton.
Scary carefully created to run on empty.
After the only attempt to escape reality.
Work religiously letting the spirit invoke humanity.
Worry free far from the hands of judgments grip
Heliocentric where halos are made.
And float above the sun like paper airplanes.

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