Poker Planning 7/11/08 9:53 AM

Never was the type to put to much on the table.
Sitting on a chair that is known to be unstable.
Wobbling all about like a baby.
Fiddling with mischievous factoids of brilliance.
Concentrating on not loosing focus.
Never forgetting the bigger picture, the mass sound vortex.
A chord that connects all of eternity.
Tight rope walking above the black hole.
Stars of exquisite beauty.
Pure reflection, reflecting, reflecting and again reflecting.
Lectures in lyrical limerick.
Humorous enough to still be serious.
Providing the room for others to laugh.
Why feel uncomfortable.
Call and response like a whistling bird.
A Brown run down barn in the background.
Wunderkind rainbow children.
Counting to 7 in seven languages by the age of 7.
Alignment through every syllable .
Remembering how to remember your memories.
Moroccan hand made earrings.
Seagulls thousands of mile away from the closest sea.
A do not exit sign above a prayer for peace.
Dirty doves preparing to take baths in the wishing well.
Ridiculous reasons to become frustrated.
Couch potato preparing to be fried.
Dipped in boiling hot oil in the pot.
A consistency similar to honey but even stickier.
Extra fabric to patch the mishaps from messing around.
Patches with three leaf clovers.
Go green as if every day is Saint Patrick’s day.
Forget a old mildew brew glass half empty attitude.
Instead access that fresh wheat overflowing thought mind state.
With a lemon and some orange slices.
White water rafting on top of newly made sun droplets.
Pockets stuffed with rabbit tails, for good luck.
Only those that where donated by there families.
Bunnies bouncing on grass trampolines.
Positive reasons to think nonsense.
Or at least not make sense when thinking.
Expressive inspiring spring boards to leap off of.
Triumphant human tendency.
Tackling temptation strong faith and action taken.
Rekindling familiar rhyme schemes.
Even reusing the same sentence again.
Articulating the actualization,
Of your souls accomplishment.
Surrendering but never rendering your musical magic.
Abstract talent that lives off of your creativity.
Vital nutrients infused with the best of the best.
Space traveling discovered outside of Illinois.
With the perfect mix of ingredients.
First add four scoops of alabaster.
Again mixed until the texture is just right.
Poems ago there was a line that had the same word in it.
How dare you go ahead and use words over.
I thought that we had to keep it airtight.
Airplanes driving around on the ground.
Zero to seven hundred miles in hour.
Three hundred and fourteen of those for take off and landing.
I find it best to include every one that is around you.
Surrounding your comfort zone.
Describing your individuality to that of a queen.
Even males, those with or with out scales.
Grey colored skies reflecting perfect the magnificence of a rainbow.
He told me it was for kids things you learn when your younger.
So stand six feet tall,
Yet only at the age of thirty can you understand.


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