Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Vacation Days 7/7/08 3:34 PM

Life is truly exciting, no hiding from that notion.
On arrival there is a welcoming committee.
Two comedians a brilliantly edited book of words.
Sand walking with water rushing between your toes.
Eventually when treated right all flowers grow.
Branches on apple trees all in a row.
Families filling up there bags to take a bite.
How many can you fit in an American pie?
Over eating sifting for gold. Growing older,
Souls scream to be younger. Help me age.
Critical pile of perfectly folded feelings.
Personal vendetta.
The geometrical patterns in the trees.
The venation like veins in the leafs.
Capabilities far beyond our wildest dreams.
Cap letters to emphasize the growth in character.
Animal characteristics, seen from a distance.
You’re upon an incredible adventure.
Definitely different then before.
The shore is growing a rush for change.
A silent echo from a hundred waves.
Clouds full of grey textures that remain.
Colors become audio chanting monks.
Tunnels exposing the light if darkens allows.
Encountering an unknown culture.
Letters relevant to providing relief.
He speaks so quick it’s like he never breathes.
At battle with the balance of dualities deeds.
Dedicated to the decisions he makes.
There is a Possibility to aid in the retreat.
Not out of loosing but in order to gain.
Controlling the tempo of your beating heart.
Colleting the remains.
Variation of variables borrowed sold or for trade.
Putting out the positive intention could change the weather.
Why not try to learn how to believe in what you can’t see.
Make it up I guess provide your imagination the go-ahead.
At least have the ability to except the challenges ahead.
Stead fast fortitude intense test to tackle.
But once on the ground it easy to hold down.
Like clock work powered by gravity.
A cabinet full of an assortment of elaborate choices.
Golden age of crystal children.
Children holding crystals in the mirror.
Fully forgiven for there faults.
Catapulting off the red carpet.
Surrendering to the overall feeling of a 5am somersault.
Good game of civilized kick ball.
The concept of having a day off is like rocking climbing.
Rough around the edges.
Jagged cliffhanger, fast driver.
Roundabout the wheels go.
Grave danger of being in a grave.
Oh so scary to moon walk across the sun.
Sweats pouring like a river.
Still relaxing even in the city.
Got new shoes one for each foot.
You keep hiding where you at.
Missing in action missing the action.
No worries though packed in a neat package.
Sweet offer, wonder what would have happened.
If things where different, different things.
Excited to be able to do everything.
Remain silent, for a bit then get real loud.
Loud like a running heard of antelope on cement.
Feet shaped like a heart.
Hikes through the forest in search of antlers.
Cell phones rearranging cells.
Simple lets give them a ticket.
Twenty dollars can maybe get ya lunch.
Organic free roaming sushi.
The walking fish with golden teeth.
Explosive experience overflowing excitement.
Collecting tear drops for the salt.
Deep sea diving floating over brain coral.
Rolling down the mountain.
Having the greatest time all the time.
African dancing in Ireland.
American pride put in a jar.
Buckets of monkeys wrestling over bananas.
Friends having babies.
Still walking with a huge smile.
Dancing on a rainbow made of gold.
Universal explanations for poetry writing.
Different styles that provide a definition of one.
Numbers don’t exist to everybody.
Tribes that don’t understand the concept of math.
Instead they contemplate more or less.
Fresh untouched thought process.
Pollution looking to contaminate.
Shields created to protect against the invaders.
Those wanting to take your booty.
Beauty etched in stone.
Home owners association free trade.
Coffee cups made of edible plants.
All inclusive breakfast plan.
Bed laced with pearls placed in an amethyst stone.
Candles burning slowly on rose quarts pedals.
Direct encounter with extra special extraterrestrials.
I heard they don’t like to be called that.
Sorry for the confusion.

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