Cherrie Bugs and Airplanes 8/7/08 3:39 PM

Vertical leap toward grasping a star.
Pass the cloudy layer, penetrating the blue sphere.
Open floating, faces fading purple names remain.
We claim that it is all possible.
Self doubt is like putting your self in a cage.
In a bottle of excuses pride tends to hide.
Sitting with right foot about left knee, contemplating.
Wondering in astonishment what my be left over when its all done.
Can you feel what it is like to have a rainbow shine on your hand.
Every three agreed you where ahead of the pack.
Passing through with no problems, no stress no excuse.
Imagine for a moment no worries,
This present moment we call the now.
Is happening above sandy fields.
Building blocks perfectly laid out for all to see.
Witnessing the revolution taking place under your nose.
Rocks losing there solid form.
But who really needs physical form anyway.
It is all created in the image of human kind.
Your imprint, our individual print on it.
I intention manifest into a galactic perspective.
Work ethic tends to set a all new trend.
High in the back seat sitting six deep.
Alive and in the front surrounded by five.
Double sided mud slide mountain face.
Inspirational shifting landscape.
Including but not limited to an array of sun rays.
Left in the oven in the kitchen at the supper club.
Fresh taste, an afternoon squeeze of oranges,
Mangos and peaches.
Upon arrival allow your expectations,
To remain minimal but at full highest level.
Balancing with the ease of the sun and moon.


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