Highflying Ideas 8/1/08 7:09 PM

Walk me, please take this final walk along the river bank.
What would have changed if you did ?
Never to know the answer but convincing enough to pretend.
The shadow showed a hand pointing toward the door.
Asking for an answer, but for some reason it’s ignored.
Hungry, thirsty flying non stop.
Activated to type, find what it is when you evaluate your life.
Non-stopping the title of the next song,
Unsurpassable sneaky eyes.
Glancing over the shoulders of a sleeping giant.
Chalk laid out too entertain the children,
Motive to keep them busy.
A universal wave of harmony.
Peaceful sounds and hands held so tight.
Birds walking patient while the humans take flight.
What is it you wonder as I ask in response.
To tackle the question of how much it would cost.
Take away my debt with the songs that I’ve made.
And store the rest under the table and leave a tip for the maid.
A big one in fact the largest they’ve seen.
History was made off of glamour and glee.
To make it means to come true from your soul.
Not hiding or faking to be part of the roll.
Hindsight to learn from the past choices we’ve made.
And write our wrongs as we head toward the grave.
That’s pretty striking, A full force statement.
Planning ahead, each move we make effects us down the road.
So if one domino piece is off even the slightest bit,
The dream will end short of the goal.
Goal is clean, then take the shot, Run full speed,
And never Stop. Don’t look back,
No need to question why, just be organized and ready,
And watch the pain ease by.
Good night my love, only the best your way.
Good night my heart, sorry I can’t stay.
No more bad dreams, please only nice things,
She said she was lonely, but now I will never be back,
I don’t want you to be lonely,
If I leave for good, will that fix your lonely heart,
Part of me is in pieces, but there is a part in peace.
I love you so much but am forgetting me,
Selfless yet still a bit selfish.
It’s not out of my league, but it is time to practice.
Intact with the testimony, belief in the one and only.
This castle is no fallacy.
There maybe those that don’t agree,
But lets just wait and see,
For only love is welcome, encouragement and strength,
No sense in being blindfolded to the beauty at hand .
Then again, inside my blindfold, I can clearly see,
A waterfall of love and endless possibilities.
So pure to dive in, so protected to fall.
Strong enough to make the decision and to start a new.
Understanding that there is more to life then,
Arguments and dues.
She collected flowers, and cried when then would wilt.
Even when she knew they would grow back.
He stood for hours in the same position,
Waiting for a change, took the advice from a stranger,
And remembered how to play.
Words where taken lightly for out of anger then where spurt.
And a hollow word shouted should really hold no weight,
It’s the well thought out delivery, that can really make a quake.
Divine differences, distinguish between the choice.
And take some time with the idea.
Pre-pair yourself for the next chapter.
And allow your self to think clear.
Ask for guidance from all directions to enter in your eyes,
You can find it through silence or look for the signs.
We all have a story and some do relate,
In one way or another, they stem from the same plate.
Release relief rejoice in joy,
Showing your real emotions,
Is far better then a decoy.


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