Thursday, August 28, 2008

Incredible Raindrops 8/28/08 Nag's Head NC 3:38 AM

Listening to the sound of early morning raindrops fall upon the rooftop.
Like tin cans with coins inside.
Shaken till they dent the outside rim.
Flowers growing wild.
Sideways they come falling relentless moisture amounting.
Some one soaking wet but happier then ever.
Struck luck at the office.
Or just feeling grand.
Feet leaving the pavement and headed back to the sand.
Exponential increase in pure volume and amount.
So many raindrops falling no one can keep count.
Unlike snowflakes and there independent nature.
Raindrops don’t mind looking like each other.
Being one in the same and going home to the same house.
It will be a sad sad day when all the clouds dry out.
No longer hovering above providing us protection from the sun.
Plants and animals praying for a single drop to come.
Out from underneath the depths of the sea.
Appears what some to believe as Adam and Eve.
Curly blond finger nails tangled and long.
Eyelashes like feathers, hair like a harp.
She smiled in your memory leaving a mark.
Portrait of a traveling soul.
Etched with a crimson red bluish charcoal.

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