Wednesday, August 27, 2008

One Lonely leaf left 8/26/08 Nags Head NC 8:31 AM

Single flickering candle wick lit by the sun.
Dancing in the shadow alone and in tense.
Scripture described the sculpture of a statue’s face.
Broken rock formations flattened and massaged.
Creating an imaginary feeling of a distant mirage.
Beads of water culminate off the front.
While jet black opal eyes keep track from the back.
Talkative jargon of juxtaposed lines.
Informative fallacy’s saved as true.
Fear based religion left hung to dry.
Exposing the truth of what happens when we die.
Melodies lost in translation and key.
When the final bird fly’s and becomes no longer free.
Fleeing moments that’s how they keep up.
Racing around the track chasing their tales.
Dangling mistletoe tropical snow fall.
Kisses to the angles with wings like a shawl.
Lifted and placed across the top of there back.
Covering the shoulders no flesh left in tack.
Blossoming mishaps with new flowers to show.
And after the rain fall a illuminated glow.
Young honest heritage of cocking your gun.
Being the king of a castle that’s not open to some.
Fowl swoop of language drenched in an obscure persona.
Curious to dig underneath the roots of every tree.
In hopes to find a pot of gold, or even just a piece.
Parallel lifestyles fundamental belief.
Able to be changed if your ready to receive.
Direct contact with those that have left.
Crossed over in to the next dimension.
Enter through the black hole. Surrounded by white light.
Surrendering rendering the ending a bit.
Fully committed yet ready to split.
Open the median of what’s programmed deep.
What is and what’s not spouse to be.
Fit fine affordable pile of stress.
Tangible like a handle to hold or a lever to pull.
Swirling limerick of names we’ve forgotten.
Scarlet redwood with a hint of aging amber.
Imagining the darkest trenches outlined with coal.
Absence of illusion and only a temporally void.
Let us all escape the escapade.
Cascade of rain drops forming a new religion.
Speckled clouds hovering over surrendering flames.
Distant mahogany tree with only one lonely leaf left.
When life offers you a ride enjoy it.
Explore the options that have presented themselves.
Dazed and confused photo shot.
Held in the hands of a professional.
Swelling waves unleashing there pent up rage.
Agony holding back on uncharted waters.
Riptides of ridicule closing in on the shore.
Islands that at one point where consider not.
Atlantic land shifting sanctuary of chance.
Examining examples of resembling scenarios.
Placid facial expressions pressed upon a bathroom mirror.
Here comes an overwhelming feeling of humanity.
Past the expectations and the difference of a assumption.
Pull and tear across the outer banks of reality.
What they want to know is what is going on inside.
Inside our hearts inside our minds.
Modern man wants to build an empower.
Out last the others that lay by there side.
Strength to overcome all of life’s adversities.
One single sentence at a time, allowing the rest to add up.

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