Saturday, August 23, 2008

Why Not 8/22/08 “Nags Head NC” 6:43 AM

Give it a try, at least attempt. Who’s to say how it ends.
When the feeling begins to arise, your senses start to tense.
Inhale the exhaustion excuses are alarming.
Soft tender heart with the same inevitable fate.
To fly off the edge, leaning off the seat.
Streets lined with loin cloth. Coins begin to rust.
No chance left for turning back what’s done is done.
With only a tint of color peeking through the midnight sky.
Dawn is upon us, clouds crawl over the mountains peak.
Something is reaching for more. Always arm stretched out.
Grasping to touch what I known it can not .
Hands looking to hold on too the furthest at reach.
Dreaming of becoming un controlled,
Trial and error, triumphant heart beat.
She speaks to me in a weaving in and out of meaning.
I respond only with a gesture of astonishment.
How can we let this vertigo go.
Knowing that there will be change.
Slowing our own judgment grants us our wish.
Peering over the edge off in to the sky.
Clouds outline the horizon like a Greek myth.
Stories of forever, encapsulating cycles continue.
Testosterone increasing the overall drive of creation.
Wild fascination of a immaculate creation.
Waiting for stagnation or another invasion.
Crimson red forest, brittle from dehydration.
Face to face avoiding the point taking a walk to enjoy rise.
Falling fading forgetting, thinking holding and owning.
Outlandish mixture of memories and ideas.
Of what we have expected, excepted with iron like strength.
Inside of Zion’s mouth you can sense serenity.
It’s acknowledging the drive and where it is taking you.
Literally in more ways then one.
Counting the rays from the fading sun.
Brighter by the second, or instant in between.
Empowering your self to manifest your dream.
Having the hindsight too not let it pass by.
And the for-sight to witness the signs.
Nature plays its part providing entertainment..
Reassuring the alignment of the planets is a cycle.
Around again, we take this on.
Again and again until its gone.
Humans have the ability to believe or not.
To receive lessons sent from a higher calling.
Question is, do you have the time.
Do you have enough saved up, to shift the paradigm.
Follow the diagram for your whole life.
At the last moment look back and you can feel its right.
Every path that lead you to walk on to the next event.
With the power of belief that no matter what, its been great.
Think of the past and the present cause the future can wait.
It’s not going any where and you’re the emotions to offend.
So don’t chase after something that you all ready have.
Appreciate being alive, or at least acknowledge the fact.
Experience the gifts we have. Gift of the sense.
Endless amount to speak of. Respect love.
The tug of war rope is wearing thin.
Wear and tear already begins. Direction resurrected.
Outlined designed non-linear feelings.
The acceptance of balance is easy to do.
They say its hard to admit an addiction.
Who are they to say this, re-writing the already been done.
So far ahead of your self that you lose your steam.
Swirling in a black hole before its time.
In your prime, light body shine. Reflect retrospective.
Take aim like you never have before. Aim like a eagle.
Ancient vision becoming clear. Beyond you and I.
I often wonder what it would be like to go for it.
Why not leap off the edge of insanity.
Dancing on the rings of what we once called duality.
Dare me, to deal you a full house.
Empty rooms full of left over skin cells.
Sea shells are traveling gypsies homes.
I have leaped off the edge.
Full clothed yet as naked as a new born.
Breaking hundred of sticks, building up a supply.
Warm weather recognition.
While sipping on a soft spoken tea.
Fire still rages but will be controlled.
Notice the affiliation filling up the thinking tank.
Preparation for the great shift where time as we know it stops to sit.

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