Reaching a destination 10/20/08 3:33 PM

Progress advancement dancing in the sunset.
Together again warming sand to cooling foot.
Rabbits in the moon, spiritual support.
Organized echelon positioned just so.
As to create a three d effect direct diligent direction.
A Sacred pact of important facts.
Remembering the moment as you watched the amber coals glow.
Smoke from under the ring of your nose encloses on your throat.
Non aggressive subtle flickers of forgotten feelings.
So far gone that he’s already back.
Aching bones from carrying home the gold.
Double platted plaster of Paris French kiss with a Sicilian.
Energy to cherish unique characteristic.
New York night life dancing underneath a disco ball.
Indoor waterfalls powering the lights.
Organic wine tasting two trips to Europe in the same month.
Meetings in the mountains with shamans, witches and monks.
Flights taken into a heavenly plane.
Landing back in to the body astral traveled to Japan.
Exercise excellent measurements meeting of the minds.
Anarchist harvesting the truth from the pry of the humans.
Cry for the movement, shed a tear and trade with the forces.
Higher and outside the box of understanding.
No longer standing for being hammered in.
On strike for eternity from turning away what your free to be.
Professional personality your daughters hand in marriage.
Imagination positive magnificent incredible incident.
Serious sense of sending them away with a great feeling.
Only to return again polite and bright with a vibrant light .
Foot paths articulating the curves in the dunes on the beach.
Wishing things where the way they are.
Knowing there is even more mystery to discover.
Describe the most influential high.
Interesting testimony to testing temptations temperature.
After all the calculated layers of math.
Where time and space meet together at last.
The fear of Leaving earth.
Ending all you have worked for.
Or remembered once again your forgotten memory.
Conglomeration of artist with similar mediation techniques.
A massive surge of abundance watering warm hearted crops.
Position osmosis in a cup full of fire and water.
Over powering explosion of emotion.
Vine Overgrowth on the garden gates.
Trimmed in order to open.
Excessive starring may lead to ridicule.
It’s the allure and mystery that draws you in.
Unlocking the immaculate magic of mysteries twin.
A hair dresser resting her left breast on your shoulder.
While reciting a seven hundred year old mantra.
Of the meaning of reason. Awoken and un-startled.
A direct connection inspired presentation.
Seventh level sensation.
Storm on the horizon was a glorious occasion.
Infatuated with imaginations limits.
Life long process of recollection.


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