Sunday, October 26, 2008

Woke up on the wrong side of the egg 10/22/08 12:58 PM

Leftovers for forty days and forty nights.
Sandwiches with real chicken heels.
Sweet surrender in to the syrup craze.
Marmalade dream state.
Letters appearing on paper faster then fingers type.
Creative camera American market scheme.
Memorized in the morning.
Recited by noon, repeated for weeks yet it is still brand new.
Excited repetition new energy transition.
Rancid worry worn away,
Burned in to the ashes.
Created in the shore, brown crystals cocoon like seashells.
A potato pulled out from within the ground.
Turned completely inside out and up side down.
Roots from every angle,
Indians diagramming river flow perfect.
From with in the chest the heart knows no secret.
Imperfections formatted to further freedoms stride.
To allow for the best to be different at all times.
Impersonality sense of humility humbling gratitude.
Growing older with your dreams as your reality.
Focused energy.
Growing pains recurring as correction rather then a problem.
Momentarily pause then regenerated in to gain.
Flowering fresh wilderness breath.
Ravishing traditions, dictating the temporary pause.
Upper lipped tight pulling toward your ear.
Ridiculous earrings hanging above your chin.
Is this your first time on the Train.
No way I have traveled through rabbit holes before.
Hair soaring grapping jumping with your apples out.
Belly flop wave rider.
Tropical deja-vu delirious remembrance.
Water soaking in the socks underneath your shoes.
Fascination of table top teachings.
Tell me something new, at least activate the news.

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swami said...

mmm... chicken feet...