Monday, October 13, 2008

Becoming you again 10/9/08 3:18 AM CO

Toes spread out in the afternoon sun.
Foot prints sketched in the side of a mighty oak.
Strong willed willow up rooting to run once again.
Wasting seeds that at one point had potential.
Healing comfort through equal exchange.
Strange road ready laughter.
The throat of a Taurus sensitive yet powerful.
Hot tea with extra lemon and honey.
Black and white stellar costume.
Outfit fitting over your flesh.
Kaleidoscope eyes viewing the earth from above.
Obvious version vision is similar to those of others.
Stamped across the calf of a county.
Earth viewed as a living breathing being.
Humans against the planet.
Subconsciously thinking they can take over.
Controlling the ruby mountain.
Owning land, taking claim and stating it as yours.
What hurts the most is not the letting go,
But the becoming new. Afraid of what you may find.
Outside of your box and beyond your mind.
Contrary to a cows thoughts.
Thumb wresting victor takes all.
Indian sun burn, forearm muscle comparison.
Shoulders off alignment. Balance necessary for growth.
It is important that we indagate what it is that holds us back.
Salvation strength simplicity a life worth of experience.
Not dangerous cliff hanging every day but reaching over the edge.
Taking that step toward the moon.
It is predicated that the economy will fall.
That the repression will introduce a new method of living.
Shaky planet unstable waiting for us to recognize her beauty.
Poisonous plants ingested daily.
The inability to comprehend the magnificent size of your galaxy.
The exchange of emotions that fill your space.
The problems and solutions that we face.
Have done in the past and will in the future.
At this moment the memory of giants walking the earth.
Ten feet tall some twelve hands longer then your torso.
Passive intimidations of imaginary fallacies.
Falcons with talons ripping through the sky.
Cutting through clouds creating lighting from the effect.
What once was a barren field is now a beautiful garden.
Full of lush abundant life forms.
Swarming bees in search for the Queens next meal.
Peeling off layers of un-tasteful flesh.
Continuing the process until nothing is left.
Yet there always is a glimpse of what was.
A memory of how it use to be.
Who you use to be, pictures diaries humans telling your story.
You will always live on the tree you once leaned against.
When your legs where to tired to carry you any further.
From in side the core a burst of tremendous force.
Half the moon visible the rest missing, explained by scientist.
Left for the onlooker to guess that it is truth.
It has always disappeared only to return again.
Becoming a new version, as if it where a snake shedding.
A tree discarding its dieing leaves, molting.
A monarch with the influence to shift human thought.
A process not yet mastered but attempted by many.
I guess unless a butterfly lands on my chest.
Separating clarity from a chaotic mess.
Manmade contributions seem to be the main stem of polluting.
At the same time cures and happiness.
Life span expand almost doubling that of our ancestors.
Imagine what that would be like if the evolution and history.
Change with the weather in that favor.
Could mean that in 10 years from now people are living to 110.
Even higher depending on your rank casting judgment .
You mean the upside down picture of you and the guys.
Will we ever find truce with in one another.