An Immaculate Taste 10/13/08 12:41pm

In your palm you hold an unfolding flower of life .
So precious she is cultivating the seed.
Synchronistic the scent of a syncarpous.
How deep can you dig before finding a treasure.
To some wasted material to others.
Often misunderstood while looking above.
Standing kneeling rolling over rows of flowers.
Flowing onward slowly toward your goal.
Golden road unpaved or sold.
To buy a rich man’s land to return to the poor.
Ever try to tie together a bundle of sticks.
Forty three miles until the sun sets.
San Diego green growth new signs of creation.
Love fascination healing sound creation.
Playable personality, similar interest.
In exploring reality.
We have a choice to speak free or forever be underneath.
Behind the falling of the sun the unveiling of the moon.
Fully capable of controlling your own comfort zone.
Being the cause of the effect to occur.
Living so fast that all of life is a blur.
Missed moments replaced with seized days.
Chicken eggs to hatch for breakfast.
With the patience of a thousand pregnant penguins.
Migrating across the great polar ice capes.
Carving out funnels they can fall into.
Swimming in the Luke warm water.
What once was below freezing is now beyond leaving.
Gone receding along came a coin of reason.
Flipped in to the mist of what a miracle is.
No more buffalo stampedes not stamps made in there memory.
Sick and twisted way of living.
Forgetting the beauty of earthly living.
Surrounded by the earths beauty but chosen to never be seen.
Instead the pressure of financial well being.
Is weighed as more important then simply living.
Finding a way to give back all that you can.
In fact the pure energy of pure appreciation is the point.
Unless there is a witness that has seen the slice in time.
The space between reason with that witty power of rhyme.
Fall in line or step in to it. Walk all night.
Or just sleep right through it.
Pyramid bird houses out line the horizon tonight.
Family’s that look back to how sad it was that night.
Water from the same river poured in to a unfamiliar shore.
Arkansas airplanes landing at the bay.
Took a long time to expect the path they made.
Perfect in execution and paying off well.
Not only on the out side but the inside as well.
Legs sculpted as if they where chiseled from stone.
Core strength to except the power within.
Marble or granite, quartz or coral reef.
Even coal can create a diamond to be seen.
Celebrate the enjoyment of fulfilling your dream.
Reaching toward the stars in the mid afternoon.
No clouds in the sky so there’s a chance to reply.
To the sun as its leaving while saying good bye.


Janeesha Lightbody said…
life's a mystery hey? we'll figure it out :)

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