Attitude of a Hermit 11/9/08 7:54 PM

Traveling words reverb her heart rate for ever.
Reverberate face to face with creator.
Instigator of invoking angelic behavior.
Happy and humble in a unsettling jungle.
Satisfying the quench of sacrifice.
Soil swallowing up the roots.
Introducing a soothing intricate enough sensation.
Three humming birds in one day.
And on another day, I saw one hovering between two cats.
What would you say about that.
Hats off to the all star. Bridging the gap.
Going out of his way to meld the norm.
Hand held and waved in space.
Pace is set for each to except or you can just place your bet.
Have a seat rambling message of meaning unscrambling.
As it stands there is an intense drive for independence.
Certain recorded writing leads toward a deciphering.
A new year celebration still carrying from the last,
Epic splash of newness infused movement through music.
Peace felt world wide, powerful shift.
Has is was and will be happening.
Again in again floating over the rocky terrain.
Surrendering to the memory of the present gift.
Stepping into the un-veiling of what is to come.
Calculated measurements of enjoying the heaviness.
Eyelid resting above the iris.
Instantaneous stampede of buffalo excited to move.
Elaborate steps counting each delicate foot print left.
Crows feet shaped like the silhouette of a doves head.
Symmetric swan necks curving like a heart together.
Missing a few pieces to the puzzle.
Justified epiphany hierarchy of hard work.
Fill the bath tub with bronze,
Coated armor chest planted full of rare rubies.
Beautiful opportunities left to create through imagination.
So call it a dream, or beam from the heavens.
So as it is I receive from the iridescent.
Wood carrying man under and across to build the fire.
Stash the longs on top of the flames,
Continuous fossil fuel burning creating remerging.
Decisions we make today are our tomorrow.
Rematerialize matter as we know it.
Solid form transmitting through clear intention.
Putting out there in all senses impressive premise.
Orbiting Traveling words reverb her heart rate for ever.
Reverberate face to face with creator.


Kendra said…
Your words leave me in an indescribable state.. i have no words to respond.. no idea how to approach giving you praise. simply all i can say is than you :)

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