Critical Calculations 11/12/08 1:22 PM

California remember the land before time.
Would have to be before the rocky mountains where formed.
Enormous size at one point.
Flat surface erupting upwards toward the fearless horizon.
Marginal expansion if the desire is correct.
Projection the measure of trust love and companionship.
Content commitment thankful.
Generous roads precious stones .
Instantaneous harmony gained given, traded back and forth.
Pulsating spider eyes.
Anabatic gust of an unknown colored fragrance.
Teasing times by tickling its arms.
Funny and interesting yet still remaining calm.
A fast pattern of possibility enabling the ascension.
Marking in to a temporary temple of temptation.
Tasty syllables sweetly salted above my plate.
Tricky palate for a futuristic vagabond grounded in his poem
Write faster be more creative think like Isaac Newton.
Who you spouse to be with a picture on the side of the highway.
Bulletin board paper back spinal cord.
School garbage enough to fill a whole country.
Old men regretting there past mistakes.
Women wanting to sink there roots in to quick sand.
Guessing that the end is over with.
You don’t have to think that way heard it can change.
Or at least differ a bit from the way it was.
Sunshine burning through the trees bark.
Protection an everlasting illuminated meaning.
Success measured by how many miles are on the car.
Color of the paint job, how tinted the windows are.
How many shoes do you have in your closet.
How many dreams have transformed in to new ideas.
The essence using clouds as storage containers.
From outside the planes window all looks reasonable.
Solution for the worlds affairs new polished leather chair.
Standing on your own two feet.
Walking toward the sun away from the moon.
Or figuring out a way to have balance.
Last thing they need is to get carried away.
Eyes pulling away from the subject.
Signs put up through out the yard warning of the dog.
Not afraid the young adventuring evangelist
Taking stage dressed in proper attire.
Clothing made of silk worm manufacturing.
Rings worn to show availability.
Fresh at the market the new arrivals went quick.
Understandable that only a few become royal.
Young loyal vigor enough to last until its finished.
Then reenergize for another round.
Out of this world sacred serenade.
Shared with your lovers ear soft laughter.
The wanting desire to walk across the coals.
The everlasting amber that radiates in our souls.
Classified as unified consisting of the same mixture.
Texture history in the making her own written dictum.
Temper tantrum traumatic childhood experience.
Buried some where in the back of the brain.
All this unused space filling with new knowledge.
Not sure who to tell about what you witnessed.
Dreams becoming excessive addicted to your passion.
Sky full of lights flashing over new England pine trees.
Pictures drawn that resemble memories of something before.
Able to remember the everlasting meaningful nature of life.


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