Monday, November 3, 2008

Resonate with the senses 10/29/08 10:29 AM

Tediously fun and healthy.
Collecting the long awaited foundation.
Informative transformation. Important dedication.
Easily replaceable by letting go.
Insured on another return.
A guarantee unique harvesting.
Straight forward right toward you.
Three days from when you started.
Departed or just taking a break.
Reaping the benefits from the seeds we have sown.
Wrinkles in time splashing against the table. `
Tadpole maturity aquatic limbless round bodies.
Missing gills the feeling that its to long to wait.
Affirmative masculinity.
Curling toe nails wrap around the foot.
Permanently stoned in to the wall.
Tactile inspected for a while.
Investigation of what makes you resonate.
Ticking upon your inner core.
Can’t be afraid to feel the force.
Often in accordance yet sometimes distracted.
Excepting the action and knowing your not over reacting.
Depression is like silly putty.
Stretch and pull copy and paste.
Remote control reality,
In a temporary place.
Television verse sky.
Attack of the tomatoes take five.
Where here for the long haul.
And odd ball passed around.
Shared with the intelligent knowledge
Gnomes know about the special language.
It grows on you, a moss of sorts.
A month of spring light moth flying,
Mouth drying from marijuana resin.
Sitting Indian style with your own presence.
Releasing pressure from your spine.
Up from the Gut upfront feeling through emotional notes.
For ever changing goals fulfilled too the top.
Almost overflowing.
Fine have it that way pouring over the lip.
Lunar eclipse split the thought process.
Opened energy ports activating a monolith.
Stonehenge roots reduced to soup spoon sips.
A kings staff, two snakes living in twirling spiral glass.
Almost unreal until you witness the intricate mathematics.
Star wizard crystal music museum.
Full of art and natural mushroom caps.

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