Santa made me do it 11/7/08 8:44 AM

The production was fabulous.
All laid out harvest stored away till later date.
Well now and then.
Food for friends fed for weeks.
Around the corner from summit road.
Above the cloudy horizon.
Trimming back the excess branches from the trees.
Parting the seas.
Delivery from the temptation of love.
In to merging with the scenery.
All along we’ve belonged.
Harmonic reverence.
Satisfied Santa Monica residents.
Cursing by the ocean side.
Naturally staying toward the namaste attitude.
Peacefully enjoying the energy used on peace.
At ease solider your coming home.
Forty one gun salute.
Lucid dreaming of living forever.
Coincidence I think your mistaken.
Or taking the definition for granted.
Twist of fate.
Abstract truth.
Fate to know that a twist comes back around.
Ounces to pounds weight balance happy and healthy.
No price able to be put on a smile.
Though some may sell them selves short from the gold pot.
With a bucket full of apricot tear drops.
Two tone mirror bending word combinations.
Freedoms on the up rise.
Last time you checked the gate was open.
Floating over the holiest of water.
Outer space acceptance. Soaking in the soils moisture.
Its true that the mass market can be bamboozled.
Glamorized even on a small scale.
Stretched out straight view to the ocean.
Salty residue left on your sleeves.
Hands protected by rings of change.
Inspire me, show us how you can handle.
Intense interaction with a misdirected passion.
Fire flames don’t ricochet they stay one way.
Always in the mind state, the save the planet
High vibration display.
No discrimination life’s a risk worth taking.
Incredibly fragile yet sold like a steal toe.
A foot stool that’s to old to hold up the weight.
Kicking world cup rocks across the end of the world.
The first discussion about victories secret,
Her elves and the reason she fell asleep.
Creepy little cock roaches sneaky bat eyes.
Smiling with the serenity of nineteen navy seals.


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