Baby bee’s honey throat 3/19/09 11:11 AM

My sanctuary is my sacrum.
Curling up in the fetal position.
Remember the origin of my existence.
The tender spot on my head.
A flower bed.
Union of two as far back as it goes.
From my parents to grandparents.
Connected dominos.
Communication through heart and soul
My moms mother is still alive.
Her husband and my father’s parents have departed.
Left earth still alive in my memory.
Ascended the physical, the rest is confusing.
Infusing fusing tuning in.
Inspiring spirit of focused intention.
Dreamy sweet tasty fingers.
Salty talkative almost over excited.
Sitting erect awaiting a response.
A tingling sensation sensitive response.
A pond full of half eaten fish.
Algae here to save the world.
Or at least direct it toward balance.
The trick of the temptress is over excess.
Experiencing dream on purpose.
Just so you can be dramatic about it.
Being tuff is not something to brag about.
Either is being to sensitive.
Exponential unlimited.
Limits are for those who can’t tie there own shoes.
Don’t be mad at the other person,
Epically when its you taking it personal.
Talking absurd about another being.
Barley even able to speak good about yourself.
Let alone somebody else.
A bridge with an elf.
Jealous of the gnome that moved in.
Took his land and scrammed.
Put him in a jam. Full of high fructose.
A sticky situation for some one with out spider senses.
Take the extra few minutes to read the note.
Some one went out of their way to inscribe it in driftwood.
Watch it float down the river.
Dissolve in to dust.
A hundred and one donations toward the program.
A gram of genuine universal handbills.
Expressing everything about it all.
The ultimate tube ride.
Making love to millions of minds.
Intense tincture to sip from.
Soaking and marinating for over seven years.
Like green grapes transforming to raisins.
The idea of sinful lust traded in for loving care.
A kiss with honey on your lips.
For a moment stuck together.
Getting closer every letter.
Interesting how strings can come undone,
Walking to fast to notice your shoe laces.
In pace with a racing horse.
A house shooting water wildly.
Riding on the rapid waters rocky surface.
With out a scratch to prove it.
Not one bruise, there is iron in the vitamins.
Fluoride in the water,
Fluorite in my pocket for inspiration.
Pirates exist off the coast of Japan.
Pandas express emotions more intense then humans.
Some bee’s are way to wild to be around.
While others are subtle and un-aggressive.
Do we work around them, or should they work around us.
Silly question that I am sure some contemplate.
I say it, to remove it. I say it, to transform it.
No longer does it exist, now it is a fallacy.
Only a minuscule section of the brain is activated,
From this kind of talk.
Tinker bell angel landing on the roof.
Swinging her feet through the window above.
Another text message sent for you to ponder.


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