Sunday, March 15, 2009

Chocolate lock vanilla key 3/10/09-3/14/09 11:06 AM

I could tell by the tone of the persons voice,
That they had the character of a melody.
Melodious dreamy un-skeptical easy to relate with.
Digging in water, pitching forks full speed ahead.
Side steeping through the un-hazardous.
Sweet surrender rendering the not so serious.
Appearing out of thin air, thick from the musk.
You know the average every day cup of Joe.
Caffeine free from vulgarity.
An uncanny cat with the characteristics
Of a calm mannered mediocre care taker.
The main focus can always use a little focus.
Blurry eyed conundrum left on repeat.
Imagine circles being full of riddles.
A riddle written about a circle.
Snowflakes melting before they meet the floor.
Freezing on their descend no longer falling.
No longer falling always falling, falling in to bliss.
Kissed by an Angel touched by the hand of triumphant.
Hand crafted dotted along the out line of her profile.
Placed in the clouds for all to see.
Show off, boating your own way down the stream.
Jealously they often wonder was it will.
Still standing in titling toward advancing.
A promise for ever answering.
Surrendering intending to sample while handling.
Hand gliding, paper airplane pilot.
Lots of fantastic impressive lotus techniques.
Emotional speech, speaking to include,
An uneven interlude, a run on and off it.
Talk topic to topic flip flopping the forgotten.
Then got it, lets see how many letters
One can add to the process of logic.
Mental blockage wondering what’s locked in.
Caught off guard yet conquered.
Simply learning how to argue won’t due.
True undusted cared forever.