Thursday, March 26, 2009

Frere Jacques Deja Vu 3/22/09 2:29 PM

Delighting map reading.
Could you leave me a note next time.
A joke about the turning wheel.
The heartbreak where you got made.
Turned inside out, smooth discussion.
A rampage of painful growth.
Stage set for an out of body experience.
Extreme and intense.
Esoteric teachers talking in tongues.
Genius young minds being brain washed.
Dogma dangerous anger neglected.
Taking astray your strategies could dwindle off.
Soft on the topic about being a king.
Owning up to your given identity.
Becoming your individual personality.
While at the same time reprogramming past rules.
Lessons that only brought you further away from personal truth.
Established patterns that no longer set your pace.
That struggle to keep up with your feet when there leading the race.
Eyes looking more and more like what I thought they would.
Circles around the pupils counting the age of a tree.
Sweet blossoming universe.
Three gallons of silly puddy to help you laugh.
Enjoy the time you have take a bath.
Smile for the feeling of bliss.
Embrace the essence of a kiss.
Never to miss the sent you left, like flowers wishing for a mist.
Beautiful autumn day, exuberant enthusiasm .

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