Sunday, March 22, 2009

Moon walking under the Sun 3/22/09 5:07 PM

Mentor, tutor tender heart for her.
An assortment of morals or lessons we learn.
Preciously holding on to forever’s fleeting pattern.
A paradox the sad feeling you may get,
When the rain will not fall,
A joyful experience when there is no rain at all.
As if nothing else mattered.
Even the word only thought it had a chance.
The direct utterance a conglomeration of platitude’s.
Sounds appetizing if you ask me.
Or if I ask my self for me.
Skipping rocks past the roadrunner.
Fast like yesterday was the whole summer.
A moonwalker gets one day off a month.
Summer time love at all times.
Winters warm kiss.
She wears unique queen like boots.
The metaphor of the bee.
Expression and speech, ideas to deep.
Flowers knowing the difference between night and day.
Toes curling around the words spoken.
Tip toe in hopes to not wake the bear.
Break the chair, hands down placed on your waist.
Right foot out a little further then the left.
Right knee bending.
Intending to implement letters left with good intent.
Instead of a taking the position of a puppet.
No strings attached accept the ones that hold you together.
To impose your style and ideology with another’s.
Combine the two, become the one.
What is it about certain memories that stand out more then others.
Dramatic moments that create energy pockets in the conscious.
Hot sauces, cous cous casserole vegetables and 3 avocado sushi rolls.
Never did ask me how I felt about Christmas.
Or how did your time being involved in this make you feel.
You forgot about the focus that was stored in the moment.
The subliminal contest created between love and wisdom.
Between passion and family.
Growing up trained to be an athlete.
Compete retreat repeat, deny the rebirth of an attitude.
Inadequate equations with invisible variables.
That very from one thing to the next.
Text me a hundred times as if my phone was broken,
Rainbows bending toward the sun.
Supreme primal mature radical expansion.
Pensive passive passage. Encrypted with decisions.
Whistling west wood.
Indifference feeling difference interfering with quality.
Lost at the cross walk in New York city.
Fortune found you.

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