Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Saving the ashes 3/28/09-3/30/09 2:24 PM

A ways away from the way it was.
Not much thought went in to the picture.
I guess no one asked for guidance.
No one provided the vital ingredient.
If that is the case then their will be no taste.
There was only a split second where it all inner laced.
Lassoing around summer vacation.
Being loved by one the spirits so gracious.
Grave stones with writing about the purple healing hills.
Snakes in the tall grass and leafs on the field.
A patch of strawberries with an incredible yield.
Highly sustainable to grow on it’s own.
Adapt to the letters and words in your poem.
Transmute emotions as soon as they skim the surface.
The wind tonight seemed urgent.
An out of place race with a person.
Serpentine tenor investigating the meaning to much.
Looking longer at the lasting impression then need be.
Waiting for the turning of events ,
When you’ve already turned around.
Outstanding tambourine man pack that pipe.
Stack that hand on top of the next.
Top hand is in charge when guiding you through.
If in fact you truly expose the deepest secret to you un-know.
Area fifty one tricky concept that sure is fun.
Swimming under the coral reef above the magic.
Backwards even,
Even backwards words get placed in position.
Tea pot full of an obvious mission.
Healthy benefit to have awareness at night.
A weighing on your shoulders to lift out of sight.
Melancholy wardrobe a silly sibling fight between clothes.
Pull and tear till there is no more left.
At least one person reading this has dared to dance alone.
I would guess more if guessing was the case.
An option to push the button to send me off to space.
Landed on solid ground with a few holes along the way.
Wrote a new song but heard it being played.
Some one snuck in my brain and extracted my words.
Squeezed out the memory of a sunny day that occurred.
A race across the beach with orange juice in your hand.
Not one drop spilled on to the sand.
Though some say there was a little dripping off the tip.
With enough effort or with none at all.
You can spin the clock back then throw it at the wall.
Straight ahead toward the topic,
Sought after the sight seeing of a star gazer.
In awe mouth opened as if sipping the milky way.
Digesting the galaxy.
Last but not least sweet talking the leader of the free.
Carrots in the garden ready to eat.
Ripe and bright purple like a perfect egg plant.
Could blame it on the weather or maybe the keg stand.
Drenched in sour tasting rain.
Soaking in the pleasant after effect

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