Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Six months half year two days 3/18/09 12:09 AM

Big bear lake, dry forest.
Sun settles beyond the signs.
Rays imposing on rows exposing.
Potent variations to the complex plant life.
The family tree with more fruit ripe then ever.
Colorful forecast following the sun.
Turn around trails down the alley.
Laughing periodically.
Above floating through the overcast skies.
Bright light constant from one side, too bright to see.
What would it look like beyond our imaginations border.
Over the horizon of what is presently known.
Her eyes widen, as if wondering what’s inside.
Thoughts heart felt building blocks,
Emotions unlocked from dark spots.
Spots of unawareness or fear of the un known.
Zero gravity feeling.
A falling forward that never ends.
A staring toward the bulls eye the entire time.
Thyme, coconut milk, sweet grass,
Oatmeal soap, sage above below and around.
Rocks placed outside, medicine wheel.
Leading toward the purification lodge.
Stars falling from the sky after the 4 directions are meet.
Reading back the pages that filled the chapters.
Putting a title to the different memories.
Or maybe adding more meaning then needed.
You kept secrets like ghost sneaking through caskets.
Cabinet doors swinging off the shutters.
Including the classroom where they might not pass you.
Impassive passive action taking.
Afraid of being unsacred. Shaken loss of interest.
Interesting suggestion genuine idea.
Tears shed less as you become an adult.
You either learn as you go or think its your fault.
Who taught us how we live must have similar actions.
Lesson books aged to perfection.
Abusive compulsive computer pulsating.
Publishers clearing house and buying a few for the family.
Purple fence post. Bright green with a fresh fluorescent Neon on them.
You got a very nice patio and the walk way to your home is remarkable.
Marbles hand made to resemble your eyes.
Gravity had the day off.
She wrote me a note in her own fascinating hand writing.
No words just clear ideas.
The rinsing clean of the eyes,
The vision that at one point laid sound asleep on the sofa.
Struggling to hold on to a ideal.
A friendly seal expressing its empathy.
Depressing denial pressing your spinal.
Flourishing abundance optimistic magnetism.
Networking growing accustom to Babylon’s costume.
Out of body dream traveling.
In the summit of the desert,
The stomach of the lizard.
Humid weather allowing us to bath.
Out loud dancing under Massachusetts rainstorms.
Hurricanes exciting and fun as a child.
Stop think, sure you’ve heard stop thinking.
Before writing walk outside,
Stay sitting, lemon tea I sat underneath it remembering it now.
Slept on the grave site watched the rabbits gather.
Eyes rolled down the river while looking over the bridge.
Blue sky, beautiful love story transformed in to a butterfly.
Personal pictures we always categorized.
A room full of universal love , parachuting we glide.
Effortless foundation built amongst the core.
Her persona sensitive soft hearted and open.
Pen in hand like chopsticks, grasping nurturing letters.
Healing lyrics chocolate hot or cold rain or shine.
A Gentle wind blows across my mind.
How familiar it is to some times sit in the breeze.
To look around and cut and paste present and past memories.
This looks to me that I have seen it before.
In a different space, yet the same space I adore.
Soaking in the constant gratitude of learning to accept.
The thrilling knowledge of taking that step.
A Lavender scent to awaken your sense.
To put you back in to balance when you forget.
Trick from the ancients that you might like to know.
You knew you once did this.
Scrabble days are long gone. No wait we need to clear the board.
Abroad view on life, from the smallest to the largest.
It looks like it is getting closer.
The moon to the earth.
Union of balance, through a plan that works.

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Kendra said...

I love your thoughts and words :]