Wednesday, March 4, 2009

That Honest feeling of Life 2/28/09-3/4/09 6:09 AM

Across the ocean where the water may seem a bit colder.
There sits a young maturing individual who has no expectations.
Completely full from head to toe, with a desire that stands strong.
Among the monstrosity of a overflowing city.
The infinite simplicity slices its way in through its own meaning.
A very thin vale with what seemed to be a hypercritical story line.
The sound of dripping water from a faucet in to a glass container.
Round around the edges yet sharp at certain spots.
Part of it portrayed a emerald blue hue.
As if a piece of the sea it’s self emerged out of the emptiness.
Off in the horizon if you look close enough you can notice,
Detailed jade with hand painted portraits, a smile from a saint.
The hardihood of male self-assurance.
Dominate negotiations with driven die-hards.
Willing to make compromise, only after acknowledging the innate wisdom, that lies within.
Learning as we advance on in to our next stage of growth.
Have you been down that path before, the same exact constant.
Or do you find that your landscape may slightly shift.
Yet for some reason maybe it goes unnoticed.
Non judgmental mentality.
Two swans with there necks facing west.
A lovers last kiss before exiting the situation.
It use to be a easier thing to swallow your own pride.
Now informed about the information only half way through.
Soon enough to protect ones self. To respect oneself to express.
Pressure is released put out the back way to not worry about the rest.
The last chance we had to really move forward.
To reach toward the last star shining in the vast darkness.
Eyes closed to experience the adventure.
The tender lips of another.
The hand that held your brothers shoulders as he fell.
Lifting him up from with in your memory.
So angry that the sadness digs its fingers through your flesh.
Releasing any sort of attachment.
Leashes of pass judgment an agreement with the decision.
Daring to step in to a world of unknown knowledge.
Or at least having the guts to remember what it once was.
Reestablishing your own identity after building it up for so long.
Such soft words spoken, only bits and pieces remain.
Stained by the blood of the earth. Her shirt sits filthy.
Not afraid to voice out your opinion removing it from the box.
A lock and key fresh air to breath.
Walking above buried bones of a struggling glance in to the future.
Emotions come overflowing as if your eye lids where waterfalls.
Tear drops serenading the skin.
If even just one word began to take place, shape hold form.
Rolling in and out of your center.
Sequence quenching the thirst of the young admiring onlookers.
Star gazing higher then the moon can see.
Endless possibility that are just beginning.
Taking there place in your life.
The Final advancement that you have been waiting for.
Pure euphoria undressing another in Europe.
With your eyes alone.
She awaits in my heart sitting counting the days.
No longer waiting for anything, open to everything.
There was a moment where everything seemed confusing.
Where when we asked if we could there was a struggle to say yes.
Seeds going un nurtured, slowing fading away in to oblivion.
Don’t allow your dream to parish.
The difference between being humble and embarrassed.
An array of emotions that only last a moment.
Like licking the salt from another’s hands.
Handing them something to look at.
Spare me the details, written on a folded kitchen napkin.
All the evidence you would ever need.
Money power greed.
Green with envy the physical appearance rancid water bugs.
Floating silently above the tadpoles on a single lotus petal.
Transforming releasing accepting and finding beautiful balance.