The Dearly departed 5/2/09 3:37 PM

Hands inches above the ground
Circling the earth.
Young developing angels
Wearing newly made halos.
A magnetic mass of completion and triumph.
The magnificent Sacrifice of filling that void.
Finding the formation of what fulfills your happiness.
Sitting side ways staring at the sun.
Simply put it is better to run behind then ahead.
Or you may be run over.
Won over by the charming looks of change.
She shaped the clay and watched it dry.
Asked for success and it multiplied.
I have had highs that went beyond.
The mystery of what it could be,
Then I had only one moment.
To switch in to something more knowing.
Then it was as if
The pages ended.
Existed with in the stereo sound.
I found it, he yelled
She lead the path as the extraordinary echo of Hermes.
Who is he,
The youngest lion in the cave.
The most mature soccer to this day.
Mystic series of wheels spinning as if they would ever step in.
Focused breath evolution.
Greener grass for your choosing.
Who is this that speaks in serpent tongue.
Penetrates the moon from the rising sun.
Humbly harnessing the highest and best.
Tests become more intense.
Whispers louder then a hornets nest.
So lets just put two on the table,
Staple the talent enable the clients to retire.
Really I feel your body beyond flesh and bone.


Ash said…
I saw you perform with BLVD in Eugene last fall and absolutely loved the concert. I was amazed with how great of a show you put on, but little did I know how much the album Music for People would impact my life. You have a gift for writing powerful lyrics, absolutely mind-blowing. At least once a day I turn on that album and it really does change me every time I listen to a song. I won't lie, there are plenty of times I have to keep analyzing a line or look up some words in the dictionary, but each time I expand my view of the world. That sounds slightly ridiculous, but I am fascinated with the universe and life itself. I strive to expand my own mind and you really do have rhymes packed with wisdom. I have tried to get my friends to understand and appreciate the lyrics like I do, but unfortunately that rarely works out for me.

I could keep going on and on, but I think it's time for me to stop being so creepy. I found Souleye, saw the blogspot, and couldn't pass up the chance to finally thank you for sharing your gift with the rest of us. I really appreciate the words you write.

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