Align me with you 7/20/09 8:23 AM

The stars did their part,
It was never there responsibility in the first place.
All that was asked was for compassion to last.
Fully excel in the field of dreaming.
Day by day moving closer toward the center.
Once again as if the door swung open for you.
Not a secret but a experience that transcends.
Fingers and hands swelling up.
The point of rapture only rubbing the foot.
Heels need loving to.
Don’t get lost in the mix.
Send me a note some time.
Lets have a conversation about flying.
Loving becoming, evolving together.
A community of people who have excepted a shift.
Sat for hours awaiting the gift.
Pushed it to the maximum came up short then readjusted.
Lifting limits like don’t be so tart.
Got a intense taste for Watermelon’s and grapes.
Sugar coated body parts awaiting for you to eat.
Enjoy the flavor for it may run out.
I can trust that it will suite your needs.
Fit you so perfect that its hard to believe..
Want it again but please be free.
Free from concerns of what tomorrow may bring.
Your cup is full and has no leaks.
Your tongue is potent and ready to speak.
Eye’s like key’s that can unlock your soul.
Kind of ironic how we can flirt together.
At the waters edge with one foot in.
Rushing past our present moment.
Wings from her back slowly open.
Coated in the exploration of being airborne.
I am a ghost like being.
A emotional ocean of opportunity.
From a bare naked stem came a thousand branches.
Each branch reaching further then the next.
Safety nets made for the adventure.
Clever steps in to forever.


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