Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Eye’s on top 7/24/-7/27-09 4:08 PM

I can see now how, I may be escaping the city.
Removed words actions that place us back.
Understandable imagery visual speech.
High school memories carbon copy footprints.
Sand stuck between the toes inside the socks.
What’s this thing you called a habit.
Habitual art form that exceeds past others.
Why so blue, you could blame it on the sky.
Soaking underneath purple rain drops.
Hazy afternoon clouds have all dissipated.
The Sun brought light and the sentiment of encouragement.
My words are deciphered by eyes in London.
Out of the ashes came the phoenix rising in the sky in Ashland.
Palm size turtles racing up your arm.
Tiny little reptilian smiles in the eyes of the looker.
Above the warm receiver lays an energetic man.
Her eyes mirroring down through his tired yet powerful body.
Talking with big words that barley fit in the vocabulary.
Layer upon layer removing old articles of clothes,
Gorgeous scene surreal feeling lowering your blocking hand.
Only for a moment in such a fast passed world,
Can leave you knocked out or up or in or out.
Knowing Angels care for you, that the dead dream of you.
Your intuition is a direct channel to the universal mother board.
Layer upon layer the structure is redefined.
For ever changing in the riddling tide.
Four Triangles all facing each other with a Candle In each.
Slow steady breath while your spirit transcends speech.
Clouds lifting like symmetrical shapes.
Playful imagery that I am you mentality.
Careful trusting that your loves as bright as mine.
Yet how do you know if you have never taken the chance.
To peak over the mountain in order to advance.
A stampede of wild bison roaring toward the river base.
Starving bear cubs awaiting to eat.
Even the smallest piece of meat will be a feast.
Sacred geometric crop circle patterns are only a taste.
Triple stacked homes built in geodesic dome shapes.
Polygons decorated with many varied colors.
Like prayer flags from Tibet.
Set up in Georgia.
Bottles overflowing with compassionate liquid.
Passing by historical sites.
Water stagnant but only for a short time.
A rock was skimmed across the top,
Creating ripples in the core.
Fire breaths in side me,
Together the wind and I speak.
We tell each other secrets that we don’t need to keep.
It’s not out of jealously but out self we seek.
As if you where walking in my shoes while I was sound asleep.
Silent owl speaking and asking for the rain.
Butterflies above me create music well acclaimed.
Sipping red sitting with in the center again.
White dove with a black back drop
Black crow with a white back drop.
Tight tank top.
Two cups of the best stuff on earth.
Made by nature to avoid the curse.
What is worth more, choice or freedom.
Or is freedom choice.
Animalistic urges exist,
Evolution will point at what permanent is.
A pecan apple pie made with a lemon twist.
A seven out of ten is better then a 3 out of 5.
How does that work, who knows who the majority is.
If the man wasn’t counting and judging with a stick.
Slick oil paintings creating rainbows that reside.
In the heart of hearts of a passer bye.
The answer to why had to do with the moon and the tide.
The feeling of the ocean or a pool and a stream,
The lake, river, and sea connects with the smallest creek.
Diving boards made in Italy seem to have a great spring.
But the combination of more then one can be a sure thing.
Percolating kettle with slow roasting tea inside.
I think so, could be mistaken thought it was egg plant.
Ended up being bacon. Flesh standing naked.
Awaken making memories answers like eight balls shaken.
Tip toe through the vacant hallway of hero’s.
Full of those who taught, some unknowing.
Teachers taking on the task to reflect the process.
Of becoming an adult and wearing our costumes.
Accustomed to change by evaluating problems.
Little lesson by the wise women sitting on the bench.
Who only leaves for memories she left to dry on the fence.
Hence the lengthy answer that she bravely left.
When asked the simple question about what love truly is.
She raised her hand and shook it as if doing a little dance.
Smiled in perfection humbled by her spine.
The alignment and connection she felt in the divine.

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