Intoxicating Rhythm 7/22/09 8:00 AM

Time Now, I have thought of that before,
Read it placed it down, in between dotted lines.
Connected dots that have lead me home.
Left me in the essence of a rhythmic poem,
With swift limerick like little licks under the cheek bone.
Extracted exactly five lines in a row,
White roses for healing,
Healthy living elevates the entire existence of people.
The humans being the epitome of the planet.
Planetary alignment imbedded in our memory.
A unfolding for centuries.
Stretched out along the pool,
Right knee slightly bent over left.
Head turns to the right,
Scans the cosmos back up around again,
The other side a silhouette perfect symmetrical pattern
Neck and head re connect to trunk and spine,
Legs relax as eyes do the walking,
Starting to open then becoming shut,
A thousand Jolt’s of electricity can’t open them up.
Cut off from the sing along, for being off key.
Thrown out of class for wanting to be free.
I haven’t even put it up yet.
Placed down what’s next, awaiting for your arrival.
This time with no special effects.
Organic and pure with the ability to adapt.
Snap faster then a synapse, lighting strike wink of an eye.
All things considered I am a drummer man.
Runner of salvations will.
A farmer raising his poems as if they are children of the sea.
Dancing in the Pitch black with Music just right,
Eyes wide open, In the surreal void of sleep that sneaks upon.
Do I need to ask or will you let me know.


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