Friday, July 17, 2009

A Possibility Conceived 7/11/09-7/17-09 2:04 PM

The Wheels changed a bit,
Depending on the amount of time spent spinning.
Never really the same as the first round.
More Wheels then feet could be a possibility.
Light skin fair complexion.
Bartering system.
Thanks father for the tip,
Advice toward development.
Always through love sacrifice and intent.
Pass and go, familiar memory.
Heavenly tear drops falling from a lotus stem.
The image of joy pure enjoyment from our souls evolving.
Lava creates it’s path desire and fate relax.
Love is a permanent pass.
Like Mother Earth and her vast expansive beauty.
Luna’s hands hypnotically shifting the tides.
The water that feeds us and keeps us alive.
Her haven of burden free majestic mahogany reflective.
Fiery eye’s inspiring spring to blossom once again.
Collective fear removed on a daily Un-describable exchange.
Strange fruit party full moon style.
Rock and roll wild stallion roller coaster rocket fuel.
Japanese architecture the ticket to your proper placement.
Professional sushi chef.
Chief of the village lavish visions sightings of angelic creatures.
Racing ground birds passionately laughing.
Arial view of a golden areola.
Blatant spankings for you under the blanket.
Or above hide and seek she said this is epic.
What a place to be, Islands passing under our feet.
Sinking sipping swallowing the whole community.
Halos half way around our heads.
Heating up from the passing of the sun.
A radical mythological theory,
Of what a hero could have been.
A single sentence can sway the stadium.
Per sway the genius to appear.
Flesh to flesh in the eyes of peace.
Isometric focus in-tune to help receive.

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