Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Coloring In The Capsules 9/15/09 11:22 AM

Allow my intention to align,
All aspects that my imagination can fathom,
Clouds colored in with brilliance and truth.
Corporation heart and core matrix.
Let the dead bury their dead,
How deep is that.
Dinosaur temptations.
Direct recycled certainty.
Service beyond that which could ever be expected.
Words over flowing with potent meaning.
A spokesman is being emotionally freeing.
Successful surrender to competitive ego.
Shadow of a red tail hawk,
Colors blending creating a newness.
A tube of open source energy.
Dissolving in soft hands of your mothers creation.
Having no anticipation for expectations.
Annually climbing the staircase.
Impressed by the lack of pressure placed on us.
A structure so solid in its foundation,
Only through certain brain waves we can enter.
Sound communicating with our subconscious.
Science is boggled,
Transverse over the flocculent tangibility.
Melody loudly allowing others to repeat.
Walk with, talk in a accent of love and compassion.
Acting upon the unfolding direction.
Intermeshing in and out of turns.
Think about how far we spread our selves out.
From the permanence of an earthly tree.
A nurtured by nature plant of seed.
We now are becoming galactic,
What was once abstract and feared.
Is now supplying the magic.
The reaction of cosmic infrasonic sounds.
Below audible frequency beyond the milky way.
Flower essence, A Goldcrest songbird loves you.
Euphoric, Galapagos tortoise soaring through the ocean.
Oranges with a twist of grape flavor.
Explicit, independent variables.
Very strong opinions on the answer.
Color coated question mark lollipops.
Sweet-grass and bamboo bracelets.
Racks of radical books on zymology.
Critically acclaimed meditation.
Having released the attachment to self gratification.
Released meaning remembered,
And forever embracing.

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